6 Best Stylish Hiking Boots (Fashionable) 2023

Hiking boots are not restricted to alpines and abrasive terrains. Nowadays, they are also making a style statement for many outfits, provided you know how to wear hiking boots correctly.  

However, before you know which outfit you should choose for the boots, I have tested some of the best stylish/fashionable hiking boots that are amazing for performance and appearance! To bring you outstanding hiking boots, I have searched dozens of boots and tested them with many outfits for the ultimate style combination. Let’s find out more.

Details of Best Stylish Hiking Boots/ Best Fashionable Hiking Boots

1. KEEN Men’s Targhee 3 Mid-Height Stylish Boot

KEEN Men's Targhee 3 Mid-Height Stylish Boot
  • Non-marking outsole for indoor wearing
  • Anti-odor interior for feet hygiene
  • Well-padded and PFC-free material
  • Removable metatomical footbed
  • Breathable and keen dry waterproof
  • None

I have bought this Keen’s Targhee hiking boot, and it’s certainly provided me the absolute quality, followed by the sneaker-like design.

I liked its flexibility in the rubber outsole and the manufacturing that suits most of the dressing.

Its traction and lightweight design with only 1.14 pounds of weight, made it durable and more performance-oriented, which didn’t put pressure while I wore this boot for a day.

My vulnerable joints and toes remained strain-free.

Regarding its features, Keen Targhee has a breathable mesh upper for seamless airflow, ensuring I have zero sweat and ultimate foot hygiene, no matter if it’s summer.

The KEEN Dry waterproof technology is ideal for keeping feet dry. What makes this boot unique is its non-marking rubber outsole and the 100% fabric choice, which is excellent for comfortable indoor wear without any mess.

However, that doesn’t make the traction on abrasive rocks below par.

This boot’s traction and support are competitive with absolute foot mobility.

Overall, this hiking boot fits me well for style and fashion, especially for the padding, mid-top ankle support, and compact design.

2. Skechers Women’s Trego Alpine Modern Fashionable Boot

Skechers Women's Trego Alpine Modern Fashionable Boot
  • Fits snug and cozy
  • Affordable in price
  • Available in ample color variety
  • Well-padded and waterproof
  • None

Skecher may not be the first brand for fashionable hiking boots, but this woman’s Trego is undoubtedly among the stylish boots.

Firstly, you have a range of different colors and appearances, plus the compact and mid-cut manufacturing approach makes it contemporary hiking footwear for women who want to wear it with jeans or other outfits.

For features, the Trego boot has soft under-the-feet cushioning and flexible outsoles that make every step more resilient and more gripping on rocky terrain.

Its wrapping ankle support, lots of padding and cushioning, and breathable liners ensure the feet are in ultimate comfort, whether it’s summer or winter.

Also, the gripping outsole and easy lace-up of this Skechers Trego help in the secure fitting.

The fabric and uppers have been kept flexible for style, which means this boot goes well with casual jeans and a sporty look!

Overall, the comfort and performance of Trego are reliable, with lots of feet-friendly features.

Also, its price is fairly affordable in view of the features and performance.

3. Cliffs by White Mountain Shoes Kelsie Women’s Lace-up Hiker Style Bootie

Cliffs by White Mountain Shoes Kelsie Women's Lace-up Hiker Style Bootie
  • Decent style and warm collar
  • Zipper and buckle detailing
  • Treaded outsole for great traction
  • The lightweight design cuts back strain while hiking
  • Durability needs improvement
  • No waterproofing

Regarding style, CLIFFS BY WHITE MOUNTAIN is a noticeable hiking boot for women.

It’s decent and impressive manufacturing, neat design, and sober impression are a few qualities that help highlight the dressing.

Therefore, this boot is the just-right approach for formal wear.

For hiking, the outsole provides enough traction to make gripping from footsteps practical.

Its synthetic outsole feels flexible, and the fabric upper cast is the perfect combination of a sporty and subtle approach for fashionable dressing.

Also, the soft cushioned insole helps in the balanced arch support for arch hiking to become more accessible and more comfortable.

This boot has approximately 10.5″ around the opening, and the 5″ inches of the shaft are great for wraparound support.

Overall, CLIFFS by White Mountain is a great boot with a stylish buckle, side zipper, ankle-high support, and thicket-set outsole, and the lightweight design with only 1.82 Pounds marks its supreme value for a reason.

4. Salewa Crow GTX Mountaineering Style Boot – Men’s

Salewa Crow GTX Mountaineering Style Boot – Men's
  • Long and stable laces for better grip
  • Gore-Tex waterproofing for climate comfort feet
  • Design to wear with crampons
  • Wraparound ankle support and comfortable insoles
  • Not good for slushy snow
  • Its toe box could be wider

Salewa Crow is among my favorite hiking boots for its style and performance.

The good part is its Gore-Tex waterproofing never restricted me from choosing only dry terrain.

I hiked on mossy wet terrain, watery puddles, and more while keeping my feet dry and warm enough.

However, I picked this boot for today’s list for its decent style that is subtle as well.

Therefore, I wore this boot for a cause, and its imported material looked awesome.

The ankle-high design and abrasion-resistant fabric choice further ensured durability and style in one go.

I have owned this Salewa Crow boot for many years, and it still looks new, thanks to the fabric quality and material.

With that, the threaded study outsole and the high-traction performance are appreciable for rocky terrain, alpine trekking, and snow!

In short, this boot comes with all the essential features that a hiking boot would ever need plus the style that fulfills the fashionable criteria.

5. KEEN Women’s Tempo Flex Casual Style Boot

KEEN Women's Tempo Flex Casual Style Boot
  • Available in multi-colors
  • Speed lace-up system
  • Ultra-lightweight and flexible
  • Its expensive
  • Narrow toe box
keen inforgraphic picture showing its features like fitment, durability, dry technology, comfortable level

On this list, this is another women’s hiking boot for being stylish, but what makes it ideal is its uncompromised comfort.

The flexibility and resilience of this footwear are an absolute highlight, whereas the durable material choice keeps its valuable performance worthwhile.

There are decent and trendy colors available in this boot for an even more privileged choice when it comes to choosing the best stylish hiking footwear.

Its non-marking rubber outsole with 4mm multi-directional lugs makes the boot great for swift hiking, walking, and ascending on rugged terrain.

However, if you are planning to wear it for a semi-casual look, Keen Tempo Flex would certainly cast a decent impression.

Apart from being stylish, this woman’s boot has the best KEEN dedicated waterproofing, a flexible design for easy walking, and the assurance of a secure fit.

Therefore, the snug feel under the feet remains throughout the boot-wearing and hiking.

Overall, this boot weighs only 12.8 Ounces, which is the best for speed hiking and swift walking with no strain on the feet.

6. Columbia Men’s Trailstorm Peak Colored Hiking Footwear

Columbia Men's Trailstorm Peak Colored Hiking Footwear
  • Eye-catchy colors and designs
  • Cozy interior for comfortable wearing
  • Waterproof and breathable uppers
  • Omni-grip outsole and secure ghillie lacing
  • Poor quality glue
  • Not good for wearing in the snow; not insulated

This is the most stylish men’s Columbia hiking boot on this list.

I like hiking boots’ funky and eye-catching designs, so I chose this Columbia Trailstorm Peak.

It is stylish, and its performance’s durability has been a friendly reminder of its quality.

It has fantastic color combinations and the ideal resilience in the outsole, providing my feet with great comfort throughout the day.

The blue and orange detail on this boot with red laces looked to bring on trails, but it’s also an excellent combination for day-to-day wear.

Infogaphic picture of columbia boot outsole
Columbia boot outsole shows how it helps you for perfect grip and keeps your hiking smooth.

I also wore this boot for jogging and gymming without compromising style.

Moreover, the airflow and waterproofing performance is also reliable. I would give a 5-star to this boot.

For most supportive firms, this boot has the scratch rubber heel and toe cap that delivered me added protection, especially while I ascended.

Features like Omni-grip outsole, fabric uppers for a natural fit, and the snug padded interior further uplifted the performance for being a great hiker’s boot.

Overall, this boot is lightweight, with only 1.52 Pounds of weight.

Columbia boot protection level and lacing system

How to Buy the Best Stylish/Fashionable Hiking Boots

The best thing about hiking boots is that they go well with most of the dressing; however, you can’t wear them to a wedding party! I usually keep things minimal and mostly opt for a casual look with different styles of jeans, jackets, or something. So, when purchasing hiking boots, first ensure which look you want to adopt.

For instance, if you want to wear the boot with skinny jeans or a bomber jacket, choose a mid-top hiking boot, which would look well-fit and trendy. Moreover, picking a low or mid-ankle hiking boot would be the best style if you opt for a light trailing or gymming. Also, the loud and bold color choice gives a sporty appearance if you want to wear the boots in the gym or while lifting weights.

Also, while you buy hiking boots, keep the place in mind.  For example, if you are hiking in the alpines, or snowy areas, the hiking boot must feature an insulated interior to save your feet from extreme cold. Moreover, look for well-padded interior and thick ankle support in the first place. After all, whichever hiking boot you buy, it should offer you perfect under feet comfort. As for style, you have an array to try out different looks!


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