8 Best Timberland Hiking Boots 2023

Timberland boots are most suitable for rough and abrasive hiking terrain. They feature durable material choice that complements challenging outdoor parameters such as rain, puddle pathways, bumpy road, muddy environment, or hard rocks that can otherwise tear the outsole.

Picking different options, I have listed the best Timberland hiking boots that have always been ideal for outdoor activity and foot movement. If you’ve searched everywhere, this page with helpful FAQs and straightforward reviews would assist you in making a decision. Read on!

Comparison of Best Timberland Hiking Boots for Men & Women

Timberland Men's White Ledge Ankle Boot
  • 1. Best Overall

Timberland Men’s White Ledge Ankle Boot

  • Best feature compared to others: Lightweight for hiking and ascending.
Timberland Men's Waterproof Leather Mt. Maddsen Boot
  • 2. Good Upgrade

Timberland Men’s Waterproof Leather Mt. Maddsen Boot

  • Best feature compared to others: Comforting for feet with anti-fatigue
Timberland Men's Flume Hiking Boot
  • 3.

Timberland Men’s Flume Hiking Boot

  • Best feature compared to others: Offers multidirectional lugs for traction
Timberland Men's Chocorua Trail Hiking Boot
  • 4. Best Value

Timberland Men’s Chocorua Trail Hiking Boot

  • Best feature compared to others: Adjustable lacing for custom fitting
Timberland Women's Mt Maddsen Hiking Boot
  • 5.

Timberland Women’s Mt Maddsen Hiking Boot

  • Best feature compared to others: Removable anti-fatigue footbed 
Timberland Men's Euro Sprint Hiking Boot
  • 6.

Timberland Men’s Euro Sprint Hiking Boot

  • Best feature compared to others: Supreme comfort with textile inner liners
Timberland PRO Men's Euro Hiker Boot
  • 7.

Timberland PRO Men’s Euro Hiker Boot

  • Best feature compared to others: The ankle-high design provides safety from unexpected injury
Timberland Men's Britton Hill Plain Toe Hiking Boots
  • 8.

Timberland Men’s Britton Hill Plain Toe Hiking Boot

  • Best feature compared to others: Stylish and impressive manufacturing

Best Timberland Hiking Boots

1. Timberland Men’s White Ledge Ankle Boot

Timberland Men's White Ledge Ankle Boot

I bought this Timberland boot due to its lightweight design, with only 1.1 pounds of total weight. It never felt heavy on my feet while ascending or running on rough terrains.

Moreover, the comfortable uppers and resilient rubber outsole further provided my feet comfy and prevented shocks as much as possible.

The leather upper didn’t require any precise fitting or break-in. Its comfortable out-of-the-box manufacturing with perfect 4.75 inches of shaft height was reasonable for hiking in summer.

The breathable leather design and rustproof metalwork were other factors for comfort and durability that showcase the premium build of this boot

Timberland White is a well-made boot, and for my narrow feet shape, the interior was supportive plus, the fitting with metal lace closures made sure even fit.

I never felt strain due to the lace adjustment.

The grip remains sturdy throughout the hiking.

Overall, its style, compact design, durable leather, and waterproofing valued my choice.

It’s not insulated, but wearing it moderately coldly was not bad for me.

This is a mid-waterproof hiking boot, but its performance for traction and keeping feet functionality around with a resilient midsole is nothing but satisfactory.

Due to its improved manufacturing, I found this Timberland boot suitable for 5-6 miles of everyday walking

  • Lightweight for hiking and ascending
  • Durable leather and metal lace closures
  • Waterproof and breathable
  • Best fitting and comforting padding
  • None

2. Timberland Men’s Waterproof Leather Mt. Maddsen Boot

Timberland Men's Waterproof Leather Mt. Maddsen Boot

Unlike regular hiking boots, this Timberland men’s Mt Maddsen boot has plenty of features that help during vigorous hiking.

Therefore, this is one of my favorite Timberland boots for hiking.

First of all, its anti-fatigue build was the primary reason why I kept on hiking miles without any strain or pain on my joints.

The shock-absorbing technology in its midsole welcomed me to spend all day outdoors, and the neat gusseted tongue kept off debris from making the boot dirty.

Also, 100% waterproof uppers and soft padding were there, making it an excellent waterproof boot.

I quickly hiked on puddle pathways with drizzling, misty, and mossy terrain while keeping my feet warm and dry.

Also, its reasonable weight of only 1.19 pounds and 4 inches of shaft height provided solace for feet and made sure protection in view of abrasion, chafing, and impact.

Its all-black impressive look, leather and rubber material, and lace-up fitting were traditional but with added quality for feet functionality.

Its rubber outsole with robust grip on all surfaces provides stability in walking, plus the toe box and ankle support with a warmer interior become another reason to lean on its performance.

Its breathability and waterproofing were ideal with heavy socks, and I never felt this boot subpar at any point and hiked 12+ miles.

  • Comforting for feet with anti-fatigue
  • Lightweight and shock-absorbing midsole
  • Waterproof and breathable membrane
  • Best traction on all surfaces
  • Snug fitting and neat design
  • Nothing to mention

Here is the box video and honest review about this boot:

3. Timberland Men’s Flume Hiking Boot

Timberland Men's Flume Hiking Boot

Based on the expert hikers’ reviews, this boot by Timberland from the Flume liner has been lauded and well-received.

It’s premium quality leather uppers and best design for outdoor environments make a perfect match and let out durability.

Also, the rubber outsole is thick enough to work on bumpy terrain with zero strain on the feet.

Therefore, you can opt for this boot for your next hiking session.

Also, its mid-waterproofing design and the lightweight EVA footbed further bring in comfort and ease of walking or hiking on dangerous heights.

Timberland is known for quality boots, and this one also ensures ideal performance with its water-resistant seam-seamed design and the multi-directional lugs that make durability a home thing.

You can move your feet without hurting your toes at all.

Therefore this boot becomes level preferred footwear for professionals.

It has an ankle-high shaft, so you have a protected design that covers your ankles in a comfy position.

It covers a reasonable warranty, so you don’t have to have a sound on its performance challenging outdoors.

Overall, the boot is well-designed for added grip and traction, so you have it best for hiking, trekking, and everyday use with zero wear and tear.

  • Offers multidirectional lugs for traction
  • Commutable and waterproof upper for dry feet
  • Durable seams, and high-quality meal
  • Toe box and outsole are solid and protected
  • Leather uppers are not too heavy on the feet
  • No anti-fatigue footbed
  • The hook position is not parallel; can be difficult to lace-up

4. Timberland Men’s Chocorua Trail Hiking Boot

Timberland Men's Chocorua Trail Hiking Boot

I wanted a pair of the best hiking boots for their design and performance and bought this Timberland Men’s Chocorua.

Its excellence is its traction, grip, and performance on all terrain, plus its impressive durability against wear and tear.

First, I noticed its full-grain waterproof leather and mesh uppers that were decent in comforting feet while robust in letting out the ideal performance.

My feet remain dry and cozy with zero abrasion.

The gripping outsole and adjustable lacing system work together to provide the best fitting and aggressive and energetic feet functionality. It was again a helpful feature for trailing, hiking, and other outdoor activities.

Additionally, its thickly padded inter and the high-quality Gore-Tex design to keep waterproofing robust valued my choice.

This boot has the neatest and most impressive design with rust-resistant metal work, a gusseted tongue, and flexibility in its performance. All these features helped with hiking.

This boot has been my ideal companion for uneven ground and rocky terrain, thanks to balanced arch support and ankle covering.

The interior lining was softer and more delicate for my skin, and wearing the boot for more than a day was not a hiring experience.

The 1.3 pounds weight is lighter on feet, which implies a comforting design.

  • Adjustable lacing for custom fitting
  • Comes with EVA midsole shock absorption
  • Rustproof metal hardware for premium quality
  • Durability in full-grain leather upper
  • Well-ventilated and Gore-tex waterproof
  • Thick padding and high traction
  • Becomes less waterproof over time
  • Can be a little tight on the toes

Here is an honest review of this boot:

5. Timberland Women’s Mt Maddsen Hiking Boot

Timberland Women's Mt Maddsen Hiking Boot

This is the best Timberland boots for women, and based on multiple customer reviews and experience, I’m sharing honest feedback.

This boot from the Mt Maddsen line is a mid-waterproof boot, but it’s leather upper, durable design and powerful performance ensure a comfy approach.

Moreover, the comfortable padding and fuller traction help in walking and hiking with ease and greater foot mobility.

His boot stands out because of its thick laces and metal lace closures that maintain grip and even pressure when you tie the laces.

That makes it best for aggressive hiking, running, and brisk walking without losing the laces.

Moreover, I have a 12-inch high shaft, but the total weight is only 2 pounds.

Therefore, you feel light and springy while hiking.

Timberland Women’s Mt Maddsen features imported material and builds choice with added waterproofing that keeps feet dry yet breathable.

Moreover, its thick outsole is justified with abrasive and rough terrain without hiring the feet at a point. The ankle support and interior midsole are soft and have been kept durable.

However, the boot is ideal for a comfortable and softer interior with no chafing on the skin plus, its ankle support and warmer feet approach are brilliant.

  • Removable anti-fatigue footbed
  • Softer interior lining never causes chafing
  • Keeps feet dry and warm
  • Best grip and fitting help with traction
  • Resilient Rubber outsole adds to non-skidding hiking
  • Little narrow for wide feet
  • Not best for snow hiking

6. Timberland Men’s Euro Sprint Hiking Boot

Timberland Men's Euro Sprint Hiking Boot

This men’s boot is surprisingly unique for hiking footwear by Timberland.

Its minimal design, robust traction, ultra-comforting interior, and ideal performance for feet functionality have won it a 5-star rating.

Many customers have shown a satisfactory approach to this boot, especially for durability and solace.

Its inner textile design provides a natural fitting; therefore, many hikers found his book best for easy foot mobility that feels like sneaker wearing.

Its stylish design and better traction on abrasive grounds with springy footsteps are reliable, plus Timberland made sure to keep it durable.

The lace-up closure is a unique oval shape that looks impressive and looks more beautiful than regular hiking footwear.

The lightweight design helps sensitive feet, and high-quality EVA midsoles and waterproofing upper are efficient

The lace-up design for gripping fitting and ankle support for snugness has been the significant factor of Timberland Men’s Euro Sprint Hiking Boot.

Also, its reasonable weight on feet assists for long hikes and miles of walking.

Plenty of features make his Timberland boot preferable, such as a solid toe box, aggressive outsole for rugged grounds, design and comfort, and fitting.

However, you need to wear it for further assessment and real-time hiking experience.

  • Supreme comfort with textile inner liners
  • Reasonable weight and powerful traction
  • Breathable and mid-waterproof
  • Springy EVA midsole for support
  • Thick padding for safety
  • Not waterproof if submerged in water for too long
  • Not durable for professional hiking

7. Timberland PRO Men’s Euro Hiker Boot

Timberland PRO Men's Euro Hiker Boot

If you are looking for an ankle-high hiking boot that serves the best way for fitting, comfort, and style, this Timberland Pro boot for men from the Euro line is here. Due to its performance on the ground and abrasive path, many users have given it a thumbs-up.

Moreover, the interior with comforting padding, ankle cushioning, and upper provide ultra-solace for the feet. That makes this boot among the top hiking footwear by Timberland.

Talking about its features, you have the synthetic outsole for grip and traction on slippery hiking places while the Polyurethane outer material makes it ideal enough to withstand impact without tearing.

Moreover, its protected features, such as an oil-resistant sole, slip-resistant, abrasion resistant, non-marking, tell the value and of the Timberland Pro hiking boot.

Its solid toe box provides protection for feet and the thick outsole with ankle padding and the best lace-up grip help in wearing the boot without any discomfort.

Its stylish full-grain leather makes it more durable and ideal for working as a leather boot.

Moreover, the intelligent alloy toe protection keeps this boot lightweight yet sturdy for foot safety.

With a moisture-wicking membrane, you can wear this hiking boot in summer or during day-long hiking without any sweat build-up.

Therefore, your feet remain hygienic and clean throughout.

Overall, its detail, such as seams, metal closures, eyelets, and rugged pattern on the outsole, never underperformance for hiking and everyday wear.

  • The ankle-high design provides safety from unexpected injury
  • Lightweight and flexible interior
  • Slip-resistant non-marking outsole
  • Keeps feet dry and warm
  • Offer the best protection to the feet
  • Too soft leather
  • May feel somewhat stiffer

8. Timberland Men’s Britton Hill Plain Toe Hiking Boot

Timberland Men's Britton Hill Plain Toe Hiking Boots

Lastly, Timberland men’s Britton Hill Plain boot is here.

It’s a perfect hiker boot, and based on dozens of customer reviews with satisfied and ideal ratings, here is the honest review.

It has an impressive leather upper and the most decent manufacturing with neat seam stitching that values your choice while keeping things durable.

Moreover, the outsole with improved traction grips the ground without letting you fall.

You can easily walk on grassy and mossy wet terrain with the best grip.

Unlike flashy boots, his Timberland boot features simple and sober, round metal eyelets and laces that remain in place.

Also, the comfortable and naturally fitting full-grain leather from an LWG Silver-rated tannery provides the feet with protection and snugness.

It’s a waterproof hiking boot with a 6-inch ankle-high design and a comfortable interior that provides warmth to the feet.

The anti-fatigue footbed is bouncy in its manufacturing, while the supportive midsole and arch support are reliable for everybody.

The fitting interior has been designed with extra dedication and plush padding, and arch support ensures the hiking experience is worthwhile.

Moreover, the stability due to ankle padding is appreciable in this boot. They are stylish and comforting if you have picked the correct size.

  • Stylish and impressive manufacturing
  • The ankle-high design keeps feet safe
  • The outsole is gripping and flexible
  • Durably built with water-resistant uppers
  • May run a bit larger than the size
  • The laces are flat; can be tricky to pass through the holes

How I Tested Timberland Boots?

I have picked a total of 13 hiking boots from Timberland to list down the most gifted ones. I checked those 13 boots’ outsole traction under different train conditions to analyze the just-right performance.

Also, I keenly check the comfort of interior padding, choice of cushioning, and style. So, finally, I came up with the top 8 best Timberland hiking boots that have fulfilled the above parameters ideally. Although some boots listed feel bulky or narrow, it depends on the feet’ shape. Performance-wise, these hiking boots are satisfactory.

Frequently Asked Question

Are Timberland boots suitable for hiking?

Yes, Timberland boots with dedicated hiking lines are reliable for sure. Their hiking boots with rugged outsole patterns and the durable build make Timberland boots one of their kind for outdoor activities.

Moreover, the comfortable and stylish blend of their hiking boots sets the Timberland boot brand higher. Therefore, you will enjoy the comfort of sneakers and the performance of a heavy-duty boot. However, their boots can be comparatively heavier than other brands since Tiberlan first introduced their footwear as “work boots.”

Are Timberland boots waterproof?

Due to robust waterproofing membranes, timberland hiking boots are best to keep feet dry. Some of the boots come with high-quality Gore-Tex waterproofing, making them reliable for professional hiking in puddle pathways. Some Timberland hiking boots come with their own Timberdry feature, which is reliable for dry and warm feet.

The water-sealed construction of Timberland boots is known for their performance, plus the company tests their footwear for waterproofing before launching them in the market/store. So you can say that Timberland boots are waterproof; however, not all.

How to clean timberland hiking boots?

Cleaning hiking boots is easy. To clean your timberland boots, grab the cleaning brush, leather cleaner, suede eraser, and protector spray and follow the following steps:

  • Clean the excess mud, scum, and debris using a stiff brush such as a horsehair brush. Thoroughly clean and brush away the dirt before washing the boot.
  • Use a Nubuck eraser if your hiking boot has annoying stains, to remove them carefully.
  • Now fill a tub or container with lukewarm water soapy solution and mix it well. After that, submerge the hiking boots in them and clean them inside and out.
  • You can wash the removable footbed and laces separately for ideal clean-up of the boot.
  • Rinse the boot with clean water and clean it perfectly.
  • Lastly, let the boot air dry. You can also fill the boot with paper to soak up the excess water; plus, it will also remove the pungent smell of the boot, if any.

Another way:

You can also use baby wipes for quick and perfect boot cleaning. They are safe and help with cleaning the leather without damaging it!

Are Timberland 6-inch boots suitable for hiking?

Since Timberland dedicatedly made work boots, other hiking boots must be searched with keen sight. Now they started making hiking-efficient boots, so their 6-inch hiking boot becomes reliable, depending on where you want to hike.

The heavy classic Timberland boot is not best for hiking, but if you are peculiar looking in their hiking boot line, their 6-inch boot will not let you down for traction and stability.

How to tie Timberland Euro hiker boots?

To tie the laces of a Timberland Euro boot is as simple as with any other boot. 

  • Pull the laces of the boot and tie a snug and firm knot
  • Now make bunny ears or hoops of each lace and tie another but a half knot.
  • Secure the laces’ end and ensure you have tied it snugly. You can also check out the simple way in the video!

Where to buy Timberland hiking boots?

If you want to buy Timberland hiking boots online, check out their official website, www.Timberland.com. Here you can find the variety in their boots and the style range that welcomes you to buy as per your demands. However, there are many more online shopping places, such as Amazon.com, where reviews help make decisions.

There are many more online shopping places, but if you talk about a reliable place that may give you some sales and discount deals without compromising quality, their official website would be the wise option.


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