M Select Dry vs Gore-Tex – Unbiased Opinion

Being on your feet always demands comfy footwear, but you need a boot with extra comfort and exceptional waterproof quality for hiking. If you’re recently planning to buy the best hiking boot and don’t know the difference between M select dry and Gore-Tex, you’ve just landed on the right page!

Today I shall talk about M Select Dry vs Gore-Tex and which one is good for hiking. Both are waterproof materials. However, there is still a diversion.

The main difference between M select dry and Gore-Tex is, M select dry is best for daily wearing due to its breathability and waterproof quality in the texture. Whereas the Gore-Tex fabric is dedicated to deep waters, and mud, in extreme weather conditions, especially for hiking.

Gore-Tex is a synthetic waterproof fabric that is porous for breathability. It’s best for outdoor sports, whereas the former, Merrell select dry, is best suited for humid outdoor activities, especially for humid environments.

Also, one more important thing to know here is that M Select Dry hiking boots are basically Merrell hiking boots whereas Gore-tex hiking boots have a gore-tex membrane and can be found in multiple brands.

Now let’s have a detailed inspection of both hiking boots and get the facts right!

Comparison of Merrell M Select Dry vs Gore-Tex Boots

FeaturesM Select DryGore-Tex
Dedicated forIt has water-resistant liners and proper ventilation for feetIt has a dedicated waterproof membrane  and features a breathability factor
Works best InM Select Dry  fights best for humid weatherGore-Tex fight best in extreme weather and rain
Purpose of wearingBest for everyday, jogging, workout, and sportsBest for hiking, deep waters, rain, and snow
Waterproof/water-resistantIts moist-wicking and sweat-proofIt’s waterproof and delivers optimal traction
BrandM Select Dry is tech by the Merrell brandGore-Tex is a material used by many brands
 Breathability More   breathable and best for feet ventilation Somewhat less   breathable
 MembraneIt’s mainly in-house waterproof 20,000 times smaller than a water droplet
M Select Dry vs Gore-Tex explained

Merrel uses different boot technologies to equip each hiking boot with excellent features like Gore-tex, select dry, Vibram, Sun Protection, M Select Wind, Ventilated, M Select Warm, Backpacking Grade, Vegan Friendly, M Select Wick, and M Select Grip.

These are the Merrel boot techs that differentiate them from each other when used in boots to produce products that have different features and functionalities.

No matter if you like to jog daily or you’re an avid hiker who likes to explore places, the choice of waterproof lining on the boot is something that matters either way. For M select Dry and Gore-Tex waterproof membrane, there is a fine line that comes as a difference. Here is what it is.

1. Performance of the Liners

As mentioned above, M select dry technology is dedicated to everyday usage and works best for humid weather. For instance, you can easily choose a Merrell boot with M select dry if you intend to jog or brisk walk on pavements. Gore-Tex is a thin layer of ePTFE Polytetrafluoroethylene for ventilation.

Whereas the Gore-Tex boots by Merrell exclusively work for hikers who have to pass through streams, hike in the snow, from mud, or have rain during the time. However, booth boots will deliver you a breathability factor due to the mesh lining that provides plenty of natural air to the feet.

2. Best Suit Environments

M select dry purpose is dedicatedly to work for everyday use, such as while you are jogging, working out and sports, on the contrary, the Gore-Tex is the well-suitable boot for hiking in cold weather with snow. Gore-Tex is better if you want to choose a hiker’s boot for waterproofing.

3. Waterproofing and water-resistant quality

There is a difference between waterproof materials and water-resistant ones. M select dry material by Merrell has the most-wicking quality, making it a water-resistant material. On the other hand, the Gore-Tex liners are waterproof, making them ideal for deep water for long periods without wetting your feet. 

Therefore, Gore-Tex is the expert’s choice of many professional hikers. However, M selects dry works best if you are jogging, brisk walking, or other day-to-day wearing while keeping your feet warm and dry.

3. Traction

While both liners (M select dry and Gore-Tex) have noticeable performance for keeping feet dry, it has one more quality. Gore-Tex also provides enough traction to have a fuller grip. However, the Merrell select dry somewhat lacks this feature.

4. Brand Specific

You might not consider it a user’s end comparison; however, M select dry is especially from the Merrell brand (Merrell Select Dry), whereas the Gore-Tex waterproof liners are not brand-specific. Due to ideal waterproofing, you can see many other brands using this liner in their boots, jackets, or other fabric.

In short, Gore-Tex is used by many brands such as Solomon, Timberland, etc., but M Select Dry is only by the Merrell boot brand.

5. Breathability

For feet ventilation, M Select Dry is superb. That’s why it goes well for everyday use, and many people prefer Merrell for its moist-wicking and breathability. However, Gore-Tex is not that much breathable due to its enhanced waterproofing quality.


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