7 Best Oboz Hiking Boots (Men & Women) 2023

Oboz hiking boots have been popular for their snugger fitting and excellent performance on almost all terrains. Therefore, I have tested dozens of hiking boots by the same brand and come up with the most suitable ones. Below, I will share the sifted quality Best Oboz hiking boots that will help you decide better.

Comparison of Best Oboz Hiking Boots

Oboz Bridger Bdry Hiking Boots
  • 1.

Oboz Bridger Bdry Hiking Boot

  • Best feature compared to others: Excellent durability and flexible uppers
Oboz Sawtooth Mid Hiking Boots
  • 2.

Oboz Sawtooth Mid-Hiking Boot

  • The best feature compared to others: Waterproof and breathable
Oboz Sapphire Women's Hiking Boot
  • 3.

Oboz Sapphire Women’s Hiking Boot

  • Best feature compared to others: Offers the best arch and ankle support
Oboz Sypes Mid Leather Boot
  • 4.

Oboz Sypes Mid Leather Boot

  • Best feature compared to others: Heel tab for a quick wearing
Oboz Wind River Hiking Boots
  • 5.

Oboz Wind River Hiking Boot

  • Best feature compared to others: Outstanding for backpacking and trekking
Oboz Beartooth Bdry Hiking Boots
  • 6.

Oboz Beartooth Bdry Hiking Boot

  • Best feature compared to others: Rugged outsole for rocky grounds and hiking
Oboz Scapegoat Mid Hiking Boot
  • 7.

Oboz Scapegoat Mid-Hiking Boot

  • Best feature compared to others: Mesh liners for breathability

Best Oboz Hiking Boots

1. Oboz Bridger Bdry Hiking Boot

Oboz Bridger Bdry Hiking Boots
  • Excellent durability and flexible uppers
  • Feels lighter while hiking and climbing
  • No sweat build-up or wet feet
  • Balanced arch support and roomy toe box
  • None

Oboz Bridger has been the most comfortable boot for my feet.

When I slid my feet inside, its plush and warmer interior provided solace and a cozy grip for technical hiking.

What made this boot great is its ultimate B-dry waterproofing with a breathable membrane for keeping feet dry yet ventilated.

I bought this boot at a fair price which again marks the valuable performance in every way.

Talking about its performance on hiking abrasive and rocky terrain, I liked how Oboz Bridger has maintained the best arch support and true-to-width interior.

Therefore, I hiked more than 35 miles with minimal joint strain.

Although this boot has enough padding, the overall design felt lightweight and supremely flexible!

As I said above, this boot delivered extreme reliability for my feet shape, and it did a great job for my plantar fasciitis and supination thanks to the O-fit insoles.

In short, this boot comes with generous cushioning for walking and hiking on rocks and pebbles, whereas the flexible feel has kept hiking a great experience when it comes to grip! Oboz Bridger boot is also available for hiker women.

2. Oboz Sawtooth Mid-Hiking Boot

Oboz Sawtooth Mid Hiking Boots
  • Waterproof and breathable
  • The trendy design looks great
  • Abrasion-resistant leather uppers
  • Feels comfortable and offers protection
  • Its laces may come loose
  • Not true to size; run small

Maintaining the reputation of being a feet-friendly boot, this Oboz Sawtooth hiking boot has not let me down for fit and interior.

Also, the durable, neat upper and asymmetrical collar ensured enhanced quality; therefore, I quickly hiked on abrasive terrains.

The traction grip with molded rubber heel design offered underfoot comfort on high-mileage days.

Its 1-pound of the total weight is again a favorable feature, especially for technical ascend and climbing.

I appreciate the trendy and eye-catching design of this boot without any compromising of quality, plus the metal lace-up closures are neat enough to offer longevity in harsh environments.

The O-fit insoles made it ideal for a snug fit; however, I chose a size up as this boot’s interior is not roomy.

Oboz Sawtooth is a careful hiking boot, and I noticed its high-quality waterproof Nubuck leather and ultra-durable abrasion-resistant uppers are vigilant for hiking.

Therefore, I hiked on alpines and dry areas for up to 30 miles without any wear and tear on this boot.

Not to mention how its outsole helps in challenging hiking. In short, this boot is best for comfort and fit, followed by the sporty design.

3. Oboz Sapphire Women’s Hiking Boot

Oboz Sapphire Women's Hiking Boot
  • Offers the best arch and ankle support
  • Dry and cool feet with B-Dry insole
  • It’s cute and compact design looks modish
  • Efficient protection with TPU chassis and ESS plate
  • Soles are somewhat thin
  • Does not have a non-marking outsole

I bought this Oboz Women’s Sapphire for my wife, and its catchy design instantly got her attention.

The supreme comfort and the popular O-fit insole were the first relief that ensured me of the right purchase.

So based on her hiking and trailing experience, here is what she lied about this boot by Oboz.

The softness of the fabric and the generous cushioning has been an excellent factor for her sensitive feet, plus it helped in several miles of hiking without stopping.

However, it’s not as lightweight as the Oboz boots, weighing 2.09 pounds.

For performance, Oboz has incorporated durable and excellent durable quality to make trailing and hiking easier and more comfortable than before.

As a bonus, the warmer interior seamlessly provides privilege for winter wear.

Since hiking demands foot comfort, this cute hiking boot has a roomy interior and toe box that dedicatedly targets protection.

She quickly wiggled her feet, plus the solid uppers made a barrier against impact and injury.

4. Oboz Sypes Mid Leather Boot

Oboz Sypes Mid Leather Boot
  • Heel tab for a quick wearing
  • Durable for heavy-duty hiking
  • Waterproof and breathable build for feet safety
  • Offers plenty of support and rebound performance
  • Heavyweight
  • Feel hot in the summers

Designed with a rugged outer sole, this Oboz Sypes boot offered my feet absolute hiking performance and snug fitting.

Usually, hiking boots have slippery laces, but this boot has stability in the lace for which I never re-tie them, even when I move my feet energetically or climb.

This made it best for outdoor activities and hiking.

Although I’ve worn Oboz boots for many years, this Sypes line has something unique for comfort.

For instance, its resilience Bloom Algae foam insoles are unique for restoring the shape this day-long wearing becomes even more comfortable and reliable.

However, I found this boot a bit heavier on my feet during hiking due to its 8 pounds of total weight, but its stability and balance have been good on the abrasive ground.

Also, the popular Oboz fitting was there. I also liked its dedicated design, such as the eyelets that have been stitched into the leather for durability.

Overall, Oboz Sypes has flexibility and toughness on the uneven, bumpy ground is what I appreciate the most.

For hiking, walking, and placing my feet on dangerous grounds, I never have a problem.

Also, the ankle support and cushioning around the collar felt surprisingly supportive when I had to climb.

5. Oboz Wind River Hiking Boot

Oboz Wind River Hiking Boots
  • Outstanding for backpacking and trekking
  • A natural fit with textile and leather upper
  • Abrasion-resistant waterproof nylon
  • Lightweight and breathable
  • The pull tab is at the tongue; looks odd
  • Break-in time is longer

Besides the fitting and outsole performance, Oboz Wind River also excels in the comfort of its feet.

I wore this boot for backpacking, trekking, hiking, and several more feet of work, and it always lived up to my expectations.

Recently I went to Sierra Nevada wearing Oboz Wind, and the ankle support and balanced manufacturing gave me no reason to look down on its quality.

I hiked more than 40 miles, and the interior never felt tighter.

For long-distance, this boot has softer cushioning and a feet-friendly fabric lining that never causes chafing on my skin.

Also, the swiftness remained around thanks to its high-quality rubber outsoles.

Also, the adequate airflow and the waterproofing did a great job soaking sweat and moisture off my feet.

For stability and support, this boot held my feet comfortably due to its 5.5″ shaft measurement from the arch, while the easy-to-wear design helped me get ready quicker.

However, I didn’t find this boot a squishy option. So, if you are looking for a very soft boot, you may switch to the next option.

6. Oboz Beartooth Bdry Hiking Boot

Oboz Beartooth Bdry Hiking Boots
  • Rugged outsole for rocky grounds and hiking
  • Perfect fit helps in a backpacking trip
  • B-dry waterproofing and breathability
  • Ankle support is wonderful for supination
  • Feels somewhat stiff; needs a break-in
  • Not a lightweight boot

Oboz Men’s Beartooth is my favorite boot, especially for its high-ankle design and comfortable right-out-of-the-box manufacturing.

Therefore, I didn’t need to break in for custom fit, which worked great on loose trails with pebbles and bumpy terrains.

Overall, the cushioning and support felt foamy and soft, which reduced the likeliness of blisters and pinching.

The best part is that Oboz Beartooth has carefully balanced ankle support and overall foot stability.

Therefore my feet remain in comfort and perfectly aligned throughout the hiking activity.

The interior and cushioning cut back strain from vulnerable joints to help me hike the easy way.

Also, its metal hardware for lace-up closure and the solid design added to its durable performance. That is the reason why this boot goes well for rocky terrain without any outsole puncture issues.

The side buckle further marks the cozy fit valuable for when I hiked to slippery cliffs.

Its warmer padding was maintained to deliver support, whereas the toe box offered comfy room for my feet.

 7. Oboz Scapegoat Mid-Hiking Boot

Oboz Scapegoat Mid Hiking Boot
  • Mesh liners for breathability
  • Aggressive tread pattern for ultra-traction
  • Abrasion resistant rubber coated tip
  • Shock-absorbing EVA footbed
  • Not waterproof
  • Minimal ankle support

This boot’s even weight distribution guaranteed my feet for supportive and protective hiking.

This last boot by Oboz on this list is unique for a reason. First of all, it has an Elastic Scree collar, and I never felt pain, fain, chafing, or rubbing on the skin; the fabric felt softer

Also, the high-quality choice of abrasion-resistant and rubber-coated heel and tip further marked the quality.

For a hiking boot, Oboz Men’s Scapegoat already has the essential features I was looking for, such as lightweight design, mudguard safety, and mesh for breathability.

It’s stretchy design and synthetic overlays helped maintain foot safety, especially on technical hiking and climbing on pointy cliffs.

Not to mention, the grip and traction helped in firmed footsteps.

It has a durable multi-directional outsole which is best for maintaining the hiking tread, plus it delivers quality while ascending and descending.

With removable insoles and custom-fitting laces, I received everything essential for hiking.

Overall, I’m pretty satisfied with Oboz Scapegoat’s moderate support and the comfy flexibility in the fabric choice that helped during hiking.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Oboz hiking boots good?

Yes, it is a famous brand from Bozeman, Montana. Mainly Oboz hiking boots gained a positive reputation for the O-fitting insoles and aggressive tread pattern for all-terrain traction. Therefore, their hiking boots work best for day-long wearing with fewer wear and tear signs. Another thing that makes Oboz hiking boots preferable is their minimal design (for lightweight) and affordability factor.

Where to buy Oboz hiking boots?

Buying Oboz hiking boots is not a challenge. You can visit Oboz’s official website or any other online shopping place. For instance, you can visit Amazon.com. However, if you want to buy after research and review analysis, we have the best hiking boot buying guide to help you in the buying process.


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