Salomon X Ultra Pioneer Review

I have a collection of Salomon hiking boots because they produce top-quality and great footwear that complements hiking, backpacking, trail, and more.

If a hiking boot takes less break-in time, it becomes best for those who want to hike anytime soon. Although Salomon X is comfortable out-of-the-box hiking footwear, its waterproofing performance is exceptional. 

Many reasons enticed me to purchase Salomon X Ultra, including its sporty style. So, here I’m narrating my experience and reviewing this boot based on my hiking experience wearing Salomon X Ultra Pioneer!

My Verdict

My final remarks about Salomon X Ultra Pioneer are that this boot felt highly comfortable for its softness and stability, plus it has a remarkable traction performance that delivers beyond anticipated output when I hiked.

Overall, the durability and manufacturing have been kept neat, making it a stylish boot. The only thing about Salomon X Ultra is that it’s not Gore-Tex waterproof, for which I only prefer to wear it on abrasion grounds and not in deep water pathways.

Asolo Neutron Gore Tex Hiking Boot

My Rating: 3.9/5

Avg. Customer’s Rating: 4.3/5

Pros and Cons of Salomon X Ultra Pioneer

  • Springy, removable, and flexible OrthoLite insoles
  • Lightweight and compact design
  • Waterproof design and breathable mesh
  • Fit snugly and offer warm cosiness
  • Rubber outsole is durable enough on abrasive to smooth terrain
  • Offers amazing comfort
  • The shoelace eyelets need improvements
  • The interior can be too warm; best for cold areas
An honest review of the Salomon X Ultra Pioneer from an expert to give you a better idea with better visuals and understanding.

Features I Tested

Comfort is the major highlight of the Salomon X Ultra Pioneer, and it depends on many factors, such as weight, stability, toe box, cushioning, etc., in Salomon boots. So, here is a quick list of the features that this Salomon X Ultra Pioneer is exceptional about.

1. Weight

First of all, the weight of the Salomon X Ultra is noticeably lighter on feet. It only weighs about 1.96 Pounds in total which felt well-balanced and stable. Its softer, flexible, and comfortable design does not add more to the weightage of this boot. 

The best hiking is its outsole is not thin, making it an excellent choice for walking on abrasive terrain and bumpy roads. In short, I didn’t get strain on my toes or joints due to the weight of this boot, and it valued my choice.

2. Grip and Outsole Traction

Salomon X Ultra has a fantastic rubber outsole with tremendous grip and all-terrain. That is something that I have noticed over time. I have hiked on many abrasive places; honestly, its supreme traction has always felt resilient under my feet.

I also wore Salomon Ultra x Pioneer boots on multiple technical hikes, and their best performance never let me down. This boot is a re-engineer one. That’s why Salomon has named it a pioneer, and the quality traction with firm performance is next to perfect for me.

3. Design and Appearance

If you see this boot at once, you will undoubtedly notice its neat and robust seams that hold everything in place. That is the reason why I easily continue to hike wearing a Salomon Ultra X without any concern about frayed seams. Also, the uppers and overall material choice look pretty impressive as hiking-efficient footwear.

Also, its minimal design never cast the bulky look I liked the most. I never like heavy-duty or bulky boots, which are also great for style. Although the design is something everyone prefers, I’m satisfied with it in every way.

4. Waterproofing and Breathability

Due to the mesh liners, this boot offered my feet enough ventilation and breathability. On the other hand, it has the CLIMAX SALOMON waterproofing design, which is not efficient but reliable for medium water.

However, I mostly prefer hiking on dry and rough terrain, so this boot has been an excellent performance for airflow. Its breathable membrane is efficient and keeps off the most build-up in my feet, which is genuinely appreciated as I sweat a lot.

5. Fit and Laces

For fitting, this boot certainly provided me with the best and most customized fitting, thanks to the stability in its laces. Salomon X Ultra comes with loop lace closures that gave me even stability and grip and never felt too tight. When I climb up on rocks or cliffs, the grip’s stability remains. However, I would suggest trying different knots if you’re an energetic hiker so that the laces never come undone.

Talking about its comfort, the ankle support and plenty of cushioning of Salmon Ultra delivered great support. Therefore, there was no question about chafing, blisters or rubbing the fabric on the skin. Overall, this boot runs right for my feet ‘shape and contour. Its tight and light feel is all about snug.

appearance of Salomon X Ultra Pioneer with black jeans
This boot fits well with black jeans, and the appearance looks just great.

6. Price and Affordability

Although the price doesn’t count in hiking, this is one reason I prefer Salomon X Ultra Pioneer hiking boots. I purchased this boot for only $150, which is reasonable. This price is justified by the value this boot gave, such as durability, performance, comfort, and traction. Also, the impressive design looks excellent for hiking and outdoor activities, so I didn’t need to look elsewhere.

7. Comfort Level and Ankle Support

This is a low-cut hiking boot, and the cushion around the ankle felt supported on my feet. Therefore I would give a thumbs-up to this boot, especially for its design. Salomon X Ultra Pioneer is a blend of style and comfort, plus the padding and ankle support provide a valid reason to trust the design for hiking.

showing ankle support of this boot
Ankle support is good, but I wish there could be more

Due to the removable OrthoLite insoles, hygiene becomes a practical thing; it is also added to the lightweight design of this boot. The insoles are not too thick, and it’s great as a comforting factor in a hiking boot.

Its advanced chassis goes between the outsole and the midsole to help enhance the trail motion while you move your feet. This design is fantastic, and I felt the difference while wearing this boot.

infograph explaining what this boot can offer


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