Asolo Flame vs Fugitive – Unbiased Comparison

Asolo Flame is a durable boot for hikers and offers trustworthy traction on all traction. Likewise, Asolo Fugitive is a durable and best hiking boot, especially for its gripping outsole. Although if you talk about the precise traction, it may differ.


The main difference among these boots is the stiffness level. It simply implies that the Asolo Flame hiking boot is plush and gives a softer feel on the feet whereas the Asolo Fugitive boot feels a little bit stiff under the feet. The reason is the number of layers that the footbed features. Asolo Flame hiking boot is best for shock-absorbing and making sure your feet never feel the jerk on vulnerable joints. Comparitevely Asolo Flame is a better boot.

Comparison Table of Asolo Flame vs Fugitive

Are you ready to examine the difference between Asolo Flame and Fugitive? Here you go!

FeaturesAsolo Men’s Flame GTXAsolo Men’s Fugitive GTX Hiking Boot  
ImageAsolo Men's Flame GTXAsolo fugitive
PriceCheck Flame PriceCheck Fugitive Price
Durability It may feel somewhat less durable More durable
StiffnessFeels flexible and softerIt feels stiff and rather hard
WeightIt feels a little bit heavyweight 3.85 PoundsComfortable and lightweight with 1.63 Pounds
Material of the soles non-Vibram soles Other material 
UppersFeatures nylon material, Less durable uppers’ can wear out quickerFeatures suede uppers; Durable and high-quality uppers against the abrasive and harsh environment
Style/ DesignSubtle design with matching (brown) lacesStylish and modern with red laces  
Lug breakSmaller lug breakLarger lug brakes
TractionSomewhat lesser tractionMore optimal and gripping traction
ColorsLess color availableAvailable in re colors rage
InteriorWider width interiorThe interior is not wider
Break-in timeNo break-in time neededWe may need a break-in
PriceLittle bit expensiveReasonably priced
Best forRough trails with a heavy packDay hikes ranging

Video Comparison of Asolo Flame Vs Asolo Fugitive

Asolo Flame

Asolo Fugitive


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