5 Best North Face Hiking Boots 2023

North Face’s footwear brand is reputed for producing quality and excellent performance. The North Face hiking boot is best suited for summer hiking due to its ideal breathability and low-profile design. Therefore, I have tried and tested many hiking boots by the same brand and checked the boot in terms of comfort, support, traction, and durability, among other factors.

Comparison of Best North Face Hiking Boots

North Face Men's Storm Strike II WP High Rise
  • 1.

North Face Men’s Storm Strike II WP High Rise

  • Best feature compared to others: Compact and easy to wear
North Face Women's Hedgehog Fastpack II
  • 2.

North Face Women’s Hedgehog Fastpack II

  • Best feature compared to others: Affordable in price
North Face Men's Back-To-Berkeley III Leather Waterproof
  • 3.

North Face Men’s Back-To-Berkeley III Leather Waterproof

  • The best feature compare to others: Waterproof full-grain leather
North Face Ultra 109 GTX®
  • 4.

North Face Ultra 109 GTX®

  • Best feature compared to others: Low-profile design for summer hiking
North Face Men's Chilkat V Pull-On Insulated Snow Boot
  • 5.

North Face Men’s Chilkat V Pull-On Insulated Snow Boot

  • Best feature compared to others: The lace-free design looks stylish

Best North Face Hiking Boots

1. North Face Men’s Storm Strike II WP High Rise Boot

North Face Men's Storm Strike II WP High Rise

I have had the best experience wearing these North Face hiking boots from their Storm line.

It’s durable, impressive in design, and offers hiking-friendly features, such as a supportive interior.

Therefore, I’d give this boot thumbs-up.

From my experience, I found this boot excellent regarding its comfy interior and the softness of the fabric choice.

So, there were no chafing or blister issues even after a day-long wearing. Its 1.08 Pounds weight aided me for 30+ miles of hiking and walking plus the arch support felt well-balanced.

Overall, I liked the subtle craftsmanship of this boot, which I also got the privilege of wearing for everyday street walking.

The durable uppers feature flexibility that always assisted me in aggressive climbing on sharper rocks and uneven terrain.

This boot’s comfortable and well-fitting interior has been ultimately comfortable, especially during long trail running.

The boot’s easy heel pull tab, thick yet natural fitting tongue and supportive ankle support design are all about foot comfort during hiking and other outdoor foot activities.

The laces are stable and never come undone for a more secure fit.

Also, its neat seams and quality material choice is reliable, and I hike without any concern of wear and tear.

  • Compact and easy to wear
  • Gusted tongue for no debris
  • Waterproof and breathable
  • Offers a soft and cozy interior for the natural-fit
  • Lightweight and reinforced stitching at the toe and heel
  • None

2. North Face Women’s Hedgehog Fastpack II Boot

North Face Women's Hedgehog Fastpack II

Next, I have this North Face boot for women from the Hedgehog Fastpack line.

I bought this boot for my wife, and she instantly appreciated the style and build of this boot.

For a hiking experience, this boot has offered her feet a warmer and cradle technology cushion design that helps in springy feet steps and heel support.

Due to its only 1 pound total weight, this boot becomes the lightest on feet and the absolute companion for longer hiking trips.

Indeed, it kept off the strain from vulnerable joints.

Also, its abrasion-resistant uppers and the ORTHOLITE cushioning are wise ways to incorporate in a hiking boot.

It kept of wear and tear; hence durability remained a highlighted factor in this boot

Being waterproofing boots, this NORTH FACE Women’s Hedgehog dried pretty much quickly plus its breathability is best when even after wearing thick socks.

Therefore, there was no sweat build-up and annoying smell problems. Due to the roomy interior and the protective toe box, this boot has been a great choice; she has a wider foot shape.

Overall, this boot is perfect hiking footwear for its lightweight and durability in the outsole.

As for me, I only liked the affordability factor of this boot!

  • Affordable in price
  • Durable and abrasion-resistant mesh
  • Waterproof uppers dry quicker
  • Offers high-traction Vibram Trek outsole for all terrains
  • None

3. North Face Men’s Back-To-Berkeley III Leather Waterproof Boot

North Face Men's Back-To-Berkeley III Leather Waterproof

Although the style is a minor factor when choosing a hiking boot, I found this one of its kind for the design and coffee brown/TNF black coloration.

Therefore, I have styled this North Face Men’s Back-to-Berkeley boot with many other outfits.

However, for the hiking experience, the Boost has a protective toe box and comfy ankle padding.

It helped my feet to remain angled and well-balanced throughout aggressive hiking. I tested this boot on many outdoor trips and adventures, yet its durability remained as satisfying as it initially.

Also, the traditional lacing for custom fit and the breathable uppers have performed best. 

However, I found this boot a bit tighter; maybe it was due to the shape of my feet. However, I did need to break in this boot for perfect fitting.

Its traction on most terrain, including the slippery rocks, has been reliable.

The flexibility in the full-grain leather is what I found appealing.

Therefore, I continued hiking and running, especially regarding rugged terrain.

The waterproofing and warmer interior indicated its performance in cold areas. I found the interior dry even in the rain and while padding streams.

I consider North Face Back-to-Berkeley best for long hikes and everyday wear.

  • Waterproof full-grain leather
  • Comfortable for everyday wear
  • Stylish and compact design
  • Traction on slippery wet surfaces is great
  • Not true to size; feel tighter
  • Uppers are not abrasion-resistant

4. North Face Ultra 109 GTX® Boot

North Face Ultra 109 GTX®

The moment I saw this boot, I underestimated its hiking performance.

However, the rugged outsole and the most robust grip have changed my perspective.

With zero fatigue and strain on my joints, this boot became one of my top choices for outdoor activities like hiking and trailing.

North Face Ultra features powerful water resistance, plus its rubber outsole and 100% leather never weigh more than 12 ounces on my feet.

That is the reason why I quickly hiked more than 20 miles on different terrain, including uneven abrasive and smooth and slippery ones featuring wet grass!

In most cases, this boot did not disappoint me, plus the arch support has been designed in a comfy, balanced manner. Therefore, hiking, camping, running, and other footjobs were not challenging.

One thing that adds to its manufacturing is the comfort fitting. I didn’t break in this boot at any point, making it an instant comfy hiking choice by North Face.

The ankle support of this boot is not the most highlighted factor; however, its waterproofing and performance on feet protection factor is excellent.

Testing in water

The efficient midfoot shank and forefoot plates are durable and offer ideal safety against sudden stone bruising.

  • Low-profile design for summer hiking
  • Waterproof uppers for dry feet
  • Toe protection design amplifies feet safety
  • EVA footbed offered flexibility and lightweight performance
    • Less ankle support
    • The toe box is not much roomy

5. North Face Men’s Chilkat V Pull-On Insulated Snow Boot

North Face Men's Chilkat V Pull-On Insulated Snow Boot

Snug boot size is the critical factor in any hiking boot.

However, this North ChilKat seems to improve this factor.

Therefore, I found this one a dedicated choice for only a group of hikers. The North ChilKat is a reasonable hiking boot for mid-hikers.

However, here are a few things that I want to appreciate. For instance, this boot is insulated and comes in handy for snow hiking.

However, its design is not the friendliest for quick wearing and taking off. Moreover, it has no lace-up design and uses a size zipper.

Therefore, size issues may occur for specific feet. Therefore, I don’t prefer this boot on long trails as my feet often get swollen.

Fitting-wise, this boot ran smaller on my feet, and the tightness prevented me from continuing hiking without stopping.

Also, its bulky design is unsuitable for everyday wearing and styling with different outfits.

This boot is also available in the women’s line, so if you want, you can choose right here! The outsole is not the most flexible and springy as the boot mentioned above; therefore, I recommend looking at any other option if you have sensitive feet.

Overall, North ChilKat is durable for short hiking trips in the snow.

  • The lace-free design looks stylish
  • Insulated interior for snow hiking
  • High-traction outsole
    • Not easy to wear
    • Tighter interior
    • Bulky and heavy

You can also buy this boot in other stores as mentioned below:

How I Reviewed North Face Hiking Boots?

As mentioned above, my review of 5 North Face hiking boots clearly demonstrated a comprehensive and rigorous testing process that considered various performance parameters. In particular, I evaluated the boots based on their traction, grip, and comfort across different terrains, including rocky, muddy, and wet conditions.

My approach to testing the boots involved subjecting them to various real-world conditions, such as steep slopes, loose gravel, and slippery surfaces. I also evaluated the boots’ comfort levels, considering cushioning, arch support, and fit factors. This allowed me to provide a well-rounded and detailed evaluation of the boots’ performance based on empirical evidence and practical experience.


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