8 Best Mid Ankle Hiking Boots (Men & Women) 2023

Ankle support is arguably the most critical parameter in a hiking boot. And the mid-ankle hiking boots are an ideal choice when you want something between the high and low ankle. They’re incredibly best when you lift heavy loads or want added traction. 

Moreover, the maintained breathability and supportive interior falls are perfect for hiking, trailing, etc. Also, they are famous for women who like to wear them with skirts, leggings, or skinny jeans.

In short, mid-ankle hiking boots are an absolute safety from cuts and abrasions.

But, it is all just a dream if you don’t already know the best mid-ankle hiking boots that are exceptional for comfort, durability, and performance.

So, I’m reviewing the over-the-top choices many professionals have found helpful. Are you ready to get to the insights?

Top Picks From Best Mid Ankle Hiking Boots

North Face Hedgehog Fastpack II – Best Men's Mid Hiking Boots

North Face Hedgehog Fastpack II Boot

  • Ankle support amplifies stability and protection from abrasions
  • Comfy interior and lightweight design
  • EVA midsole adds resilience during walking
KEEN Women's Targhee 3 – Best Women's Mid Hiking Boots

KEEN Women’s Targhee 3 Boot

  • Removable metatomical footbed design
  • Non-marking outsole leaves no imprint
  • Comfortable and sturdy
Timberland Men's White Ledge – Best Mid Height Hiking Boots

Timberland Men’s White Ledge

  • EVA midsole adds more resilience
  • Premium responsibly-sourced leather upper
  • ReBOTL fabric lining feels soft and comfortable from inside

Best Mid Ankle Hiking Boots

1. North Face Hedgehog Fastpack II Boot

North Face Hedgehog Fastpack II – Best Men's Mid Hiking Boots

I have always been a fan of North Face hiking boots. And this boot from the Hedgehog Fastpack II series proved to be the best choice I ever made for mid-ankle protection.

The imported USA-made material choice and the high-quality Polyurethane sole worked best, especially for the durability concerns.

I wore this boot for 10 to 15 miles with a 2000-foot elevation without any discomfort.

Moreover, the premium Vibram outsole and its DryVent waterproof membrane kept my feet dry and cool during all-day long wearing.

In addition to that, I liked the snug-fitting, comfortable liners and soft padding around the ankle area. It’s a perfect mid-ankle boot for hiking for breathability and protection.

The PU-coated uppers and the ballistic-mesh upper kept my feet well-ventilated, suggesting this book to anyone who never wants sweat build-up issues.

The North Face Men’s Hedgehog Fastpack II Mid is the best boot for mid-foot protection, and the quality design, lace-up closures, injection-molded EVA midsole, and the injection-molded EVA midsole kept my feet at peace during hiking and running on mountains.

  • Ankle support amplifies stability and protection from abrasions
  • Comfy interior and lightweight design
  • EVA midsole adds resilience during walking
  • Waterproof and ballistic-mesh uppers
  • Nothing to mention

2. KEEN Women’s Targhee 3 Hiking Boot

KEEN Women's Targhee 3 – Best Women's Mid Hiking Boots

KEEN Targhee is a women’s boot with softer mid-ankle support and probably one of the best Keen boots. Its 100% fabric design and the imported material always keep the comfort around.

Moreover, the durable design with a rubber outsole amplifies the traction on hard-to-abrasive grounds and helps it last longer.

The ankle-to-arch support shaft is brilliant for hiking and running feely.

Furthermore, you have the best water-protected design thanks to the upper plus hey breathability factor is there.

The wise way of ventilation without keeping feet wet is something noticeable in KEEN Targhee.

Wearing this boot all day without compromising traction, grip, foot comfort, or stability is not a big deal.

The non-marking rubber outsole is something unique about this women’s boot; it doesn’t leave a trace or imprint; therefore, you can also wear it indoors!

Its removable metatomical footbed design for improved arc support and mid-ankle design for comfort and safety is what makes it a preferable choice among others.

Overall, this boot has everything that hiker footwear would need, including a lightweight design, moisture-wicking lining, and quality material choice! The best part is you would not need to break in this boot due to its comfortable right-the-box design that works best for a 4-mile hike straight.

  • Removable metatomical footbed design
  • Non-marking outsole leaves no imprint
  • Comfortable and sturdy
  • Well-ventilated and waterproof liners
  • None

3. Timberland Men’s White Ledge Hiking Boot

Timberland Men's White Ledge – Best Mid Height Hiking Boots

Now at number 3rd, we have this Timberland boot among the best T. series for mid-ankle support. Its impressive design, neat seams, and powerful stitches always bring in durability and quality.

Moreover, the secure ankle collar and padding provide day-long comfort.

Its mid-ankle support with ReBOTL fabric lining becomes feet-friendly, plus the removable anti-fatigue footbed and premium Gusseted Tongue makes it a worthwhile choice for hiking.

With its rubber sole, this boot let out controlled traction on the abrasive ground; however, it works well on slippery rocks as well.

Though it is an imported material choice, with comfortable insoles and design, you have a reason to lean on it.

The full-grain, water-resistant 100% leather upper indicated the uncompromised performance in the rain or when crossing the water streams. It fits best for outdoor adventures and brisk walking.

Timberland Men’s White ledge mid waterproof boot with TimberDry Eco-conscious Waterproof Membrane Primaloft Insulation and Compression-molded EVA foam midsole comfort system makes this boot the best hiking ensemble.

This boot is perfect for walking in field racks, hiking, on pavement footpaths, or abrasive grounds. It works durably well for 8 and 12 miles!

  • EVA midsole adds more resilience
  • Premium responsibly-sourced leather upper
  • ReBOTL fabric lining feels soft and comfortable from inside
  • Waterproof, breathable, and removable anti-fatigue footbed
  • The seams of the liner can be softer

4. KEEN Men’s Voyageur Hiking Boot

KEEN Men's Voyageur – Best Mid Weight Hiking Boots

I have tried many hiking boots for mid-ankle protection but KEEN Voyageur has suited me the best way. It has a natural fitting with a comfortable out-of-the-box design.

Moreover, KEEN Voyageur has 100% imported textile and synthetic materials.

Therefore, it’s durability and material longevity factor become trustworthy instantly. I hiked 8 miles, and this boot never pinched my ankle.

The design of this boot is comfortable, and my feet never felt stains on the vulnerable joints of my toe and ankle.

Moreover, its traction with 4mm multi-directional lugs gave me enough stability during hiking and aggressive foot movements.

This mid-cut boot has the most comfortable design, and the water-resistant leather with mesh liners worked extensively to add airflow and dry feet.

Gripping a hiking boot is essential for everyone. And this book readily provided me with enough traction plus added stability with shank support.

Its Injected heel capture system and the padded tongue and collar are the best combinations to keep my feet in ultimate solace. Its detachable comfort metatomical footbed design is ideal for arch support. In short, this boot is best for comfort, especially if you have sensitive feet.

It’s been 3 years since I have been keeping this boot, and it is lasting longer and longer.

  • Fuller functionality with 4mm multi-directional lugs
  • Injected heel capture system and the padded tongue and collar
  • Comfortable and protective around the ankle
  • Best airflow with zero sweat build-up
  • Its ankle is a little too high

5. Salomon Women’s Cross Gore-tex Boot

Salomon Women's Cross Gore-tex – Best Waterproof Mid Hiking Boots

Salomon hiking boots are no less than any other expensive boots. The only catch you get with this brand is the relatively affordable price which makes them preferable for sure.

This woman’s mid-ankle boot for hiking has the most durable and quality-holder waterproof protection with a Gore-Tex membrane moreover a rubber outsole.

Moreover, its style and comfort from the inside out are something that you will instantly feel.

The multi-directional lugs with seamless, closed-mesh construction and impressive manufacturing make this boot an excellent choice for hiking and outdoors.

Everything about this mid-ankle boot is reliable. Its super gripping outsole with excellent traction ensures you lift a heavy backpack without tripping.

For reducing fatigue, the insole with comfort liners, plush collar, and tongue works rightfully.

The smart laces, griping design, lightweight material, and durable manufacturing work together to make Salomon Women’s Cross boot one of the best mid-ankle footwear for hiking.

Solomon-Cross women’s boot is impressive for its OrthoLite insole material choice that keeps it a lightweight boot for hiking.

Moreover, the protection from the ankle area makes it reliable for comfortable grip walking with firm footsteps.

  • Multi-directional lugs
  • Perfect fitting and super comfortable
  • Lightweight design with OrthoLite insole
  • Stability in the outsole with robust traction on the grounds
  • No EVA midsole
  • Not wide enough

6. Timberland Men’s Flume Hiking Boot

Timberland Men's Flume – Best Lightweight Mid Hiking Boots

This Timberland hiking boot with a mid-cut design features full-grain leather that fits well on feet. Moreover, the softer and adaptive leather uppers are waterproof to the core.

Wearing this boot in the rain or when passing wear streams would not make feet wet or gooey.

Due to the imported material choice and the traction rubber outsole, you will never find the durability compromised.

Timberland Men’s Flume features feet-friendly fabric and never causes abrasion around the ankle. 

Its hikers-dedicated rubber outsole, impressive quality, and full-grain leather and waterproofing properties work to keep performance and durability ensured.

Moreover, the waterproof seams never wear and tear when you put pressure on the feet, making it a reliable outdoor boot. 

Apart from uppers, this Timberland Men’s boot also features the EVA midsole for resilience, lightweight factor, and bouncy footsteps.

The design and all-black sober appearance cast a subtle impression, while the comfortable mid-ankle manufacturing with a fully gusseted tongue keeps debris and dirt off. That makes it a standout pair for hiking.

You can’t reject this boot for its mid-cut design unless you want party footwear!

  • Doesn’t feel heavier on feet
  • Premium quality with snug fitting
  • Waterproof seams with breathable mesh
  • Comfy around the ankle and midsole for resilience
  • Only best for light hiking
  • The top eyelet on the left shoe news quality improvement

7. Columbia Women’s Newton Ridge Plus Hiking Boot

Columbia Women's Newton Ridge Plus – Best Mid Range Hiking Boots

There are many selective colors available in this boot, plus the trendy design and color combination makes this boot an excellent choice for outdoor activity.

Its high-quality material choices, advanced technology for comfy footsteps, and supportive, lightweight midsole are among the few highs that add to it.

For mid-cut design, you have its cushioned padding support that feels plush.

Furthermore, the secure fitting with waterproof liners, lace-up closures for adjustable fitting, and breathable mesh fabric for foot ventilation are there, which makes it one of the best breathable hiking boots.

These are great entry-level Columbia hiking boots with enough durability with their manufacturing.

This boot is pretty wise to work for multiple terrains, whether wet, gooey, hard, rocky, or abrasive.

The metal eyelet, protective scratch heel overlays, and the flexibility in material always keep the feet in ultimate comfort. Its standout Omni-grip for multi-terrain traction and the dual-zone winter tread pattern makes this the perfect boot for women.

With breathable and waterproof quality, the shock-absorb ion parameters let you jump or run without annoying impact or injury.

In a nutshell, this boot is smart from the inside out. Columbia Women’s Newton Ridge Plus Hiking Shoe is recommended if you don’t want to compromise on the style.

  • Waterproof and breathable
  • Scratch rubber heel overlays
  • Feminine style with wide color range and soft mesh
  • Multi-terrain traction work for grassy wet to rough rocks
  • Tech lite with energy return and shock absorption property
  • It can be too warm
  • There are no stitches on top of the boots

8. KEEN Women’s Pyrenees Waterproof Hiking Boot

KEEN Women's Pyrenees Waterproof Hiking Boots

KEEN Pyrenees hiking boots for women are best for many reasons.  One of the best reasons you can lean on it is its soft and coming interior.

This mid-cut boot will not cause abrasion on the skin, plus the imported material choice makes it a durable boot for hikers.

This KEEN waterproof boot is a gift for those with bunion feet.

Many users have appreciated its plush soft comfort liners, gripping laces, and snug fitting.

The waterproof liners with a breathability factor are the reason for hygienic feet with zero sweat buildup!

Also, its fitting and design with a removable metatomical dual-density EVA footbed with arch support help in hiking, running, and brisk walking with more support and less strain on joints.

With its well-cushioned collar, you don’t feel discomfort around the ankle even if you wear this boot all day.

Compared to high top hiking boots, this boot provides competitive ankle support like high-top hiking boots.

This women’s hiking boot is only 1.52 Pounds heavy which is best for stability and light walking.

It is a 4mm multi-direction lug with optimal grip and adds to mobility for an uneven surface. Furthermore, the cushioned collar reduces irritation.

  • Roomy interior with soft footbed
  • Cushioned collar never cause irritation skin
  • Dual-density EVA footbed with arch support
  • Completely waterproof yet breathable
  • The mid cut design is soft and grip ankle snugly
  • They feel narrow; needs break-in
  • Feel stiff for first few wearing

Things to Consider Before Buying the Best mid Ankle Hiking Boot

Finding the boot with everything perfect only comes when you know the essential features to pay heed to.  Generally, the best mid-ankle hiking boot should have a softer, more flexible fabric around the ankle. Moreover, snug fitting for proper grip is also essential to maintain the reaction.

The ankle support of the hiking boot must be in perfect fitting to remain in place. Therefore, always look and prefer the correct size. In other words, the mid ankle of the boot should be supportive and have a premium quality material choice not to cause abrasion or blisters. Apart from that, an excellent mid cut boot must feature the following qualities:

  • Soft Fabric: Soft and plush fabric will not cause abrasion on the skin; it provides better fitting.
  • Ethylene-Vinyl Acetate Midsole: In a mid-ankle boot, the EVA midsole provides natural resilience and is lightweight to walk or hike comfortably.
  • Waterproof and Breathability: Water-resistant property in the boot with proper mesh liner is recommended hiking boot parameters to keep feet dry and cool.
  • Gripping Outsole: for hiking in safety, the non-skid outsole with an aggressive design to lock the grip is no less than a life-saving design.
  • Removable Insole: detachable insoles of a boot maintain hygiene and help if you want to replace them.


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