5 Best Hiking Boots for Scotland 2023

I’ve lived in Scotland for quite a while, so I can vouch for the best hiking boots for Scotland that deliver durability and protection for all terrains. So if you’re up for a Scotland hiking trip, I have listed the boots that are ideal for rocky terrain and mossy wet grounds.

Also, I have tested and tried these boots by myself, giving me a clear picture of how they perform in adverse environments and under certain conditions (not all are excellent). Let’s dive into the reviews!

Comparison of Best Hiking Boots for Scotland

1Merrell Men's Moab 2 Mid Gtx High Rise BootMerrell Men’s Moab 2 Mid Gtx High Rise BootCheck for Men
Check for Women
2Berghaus Men's Supalite II Hiking BootBerghaus Men’s Supalite II Hiking BootCheck for Men
Check for Women
3Salewa Men's Ms Alp Trainer Hiking BootSalewa Men’s Ms Alp Trainer Hiking BootCheck for Men
Check for Women
4Grisport Unisex Adults Pennine High Rise Hiking BootGrisport Unisex Adults Pennine High Rise Hiking BootCheck for Men
5Columbia Women's Peakfreak II Mid Outdry Hiking BootColumbia Women’s Peakfreak II Mid Outdry Hiking BootCheck for Women

Best Hiking Boots for Scotland

1. Merrell Men’s Moab 2 Mid Gtx High Rise Boot

Merrell Men's Moab 2 Mid Gtx High Rise Boot

This Merrell hiking boot has surprised me with its performance. It exceeded my expectations, especially for its material choice that added durability and comfort under feet.

In Scotland, I wore this boot for thru-hiking, and its synthetic leather and mesh upper created the best combination of why I kept hiking several miles.

Another reason why I found the Merrell Moab 2 boot best for hiking is its arch support!

The balanced support and the stability in the padding created the best balance for my feet, plus I received a springy feel due to the comfortable footbed.

Also, using a Gore-Tex waterproof membrane allowed me to walk on puddle-watery terrain and in wet places without wetting my feet!

I quickly hiked on the areas of Cuillin Hills and Loch Ness 360 Trail without any blisters or chafing, thanks to the thick and comfy padding around the ankle.

Overall, Merrell Moab is an ideal boot for heirs, and its flexible synthetic outer sole and the protective rubber toe cap with Vibram TC5+ sole quality did a fine job for rocky terrain.

Talking about comfort, I continued hiking more than 50 miles (which is my first time in hiking boots) thanks to its 498.95 Grams of the total weight!

This boot features everything essential and is also available in the women’s line. So you have a dual reason to opt for Merrell Moab 2.


  • Affordable
  • Protective toe cap for feet safety 
  • Rugged outsole pattern for locking traction
  • Fantastic arch support makes sure balance and stability
  • Lightweight and soft padding minimizes chafing
  • Gore-Tex waterproofing membrane


  • No, this is an excellent boot

2. Berghaus Men’s Supalite II Hiking Boot

Berghaus Men's Supalite II Hiking Boot

Putting forward another boot on this list, this Berghaus Men’s Supalite II is here.

This boot is excellent compensation for its relatively high price due to its dainty design and neat texture.

For Scotland hiking, I chose this boot due to its design. However, its performance on abrasive grounds and comfortable footbed kept me supervised.

The ankle support, stability in padding, and balance further valued my choice.

For all-day-long comfort, Berghaus has the most adaptive and snug interior cushion, plus its waterproofing performance keeps my feet dry and cozy.

Its flat heel, lace-up closure design, and leather uppers have been kind enough to maintain fitting and solve during aggressive foot mobility.

Since I have vulnerable feet joints, I found the Ortholite memory foam football an all-day long comfort and the best way to hiking

I walked in the countryside and the beautiful sceneries of Scotland, and needless to say, the change in environment with wet grounds never impacted my feet.

With GTX waterproofing, I received the absolute reliability of wearing this boot.

In a nutshell, this boot feels light and performs excellent for abrasive terrain on almost all terrain.

Moreover, this Berghaus Supalite II same boot is also available in the women’s range.


  • Soft padding and Vibram Outsole cut-back shocks
  • Ortholite cushioning for added comfort
  • All day-long comfort with the soft interior; zero blisters
  • Features Gore-Tex waterproof and breathable uppers


  • Outsoles are not durable
  • Not insulated; not suitable for snow hiking

3. Salewa Men’s Ms. Alp Trainer Hiking Boot

Salewa Men's Ms Alp Trainer Hiking Boot

Salewa Ms. Alp Trainer boot for hiking looks stylish, and its sneaker-like design welcomes everybody for sporty hiking.

Its durability and performance are also excellent for several hiking terrains and the outskirts of Scotland!

What makes the boot stand out is its added ankle support!!

So for those who have worn ankles, Salewa Men’s Alp Trainer can be a wise choice.

So if you want a hiking boot that is stylish and practical in a literal sense, Salewa Men’s Ms. Alp Trainer is all that you need.

Its competitive GTX waterproofing l, synthetic outer material, and flexibility in cushioning help at every step, especially on rocky terrains.

Unlike traditional hiking boots, this one has been designed with the dedicated multi-fit footbed plus (MFF) diverse great performance on uneven terrain.

For hiking, its rugged outsole lock traction ideally cuts back tripping incidents.

Its protective and solid toe box design and the just-right fitting are among the highlights that a hiking boot adds to the comfort.

Salewa Alp boot with the soft interior, supportive padding, and ankle support holds the best performance when it comes to climbing on technical hikes

Also this boot is available for women as well. So you have the option to buy with privilege.


  • Removable insoles and flexible multi-fit Footbed Plus
  • Stylish design and sneak-like fit
  • GTX waterproofing and ventilation design
  • Lightweight yet robust traction on mountain


  • Expensive
  • Not reliable (waterproofing) for deep water; may leak

4. Grisport Unisex Adults Pennine High Rise Hiking Boot

Grisport Unisex Adults Pennine High Rise Hiking Boot

If every boot fits well, you wouldn’t have to search for the right one!

However, if you’re only searching for waterproof hiking boots that you can wear for hiking and casual style, Grisport Pennine can be a suitable match.

However, this boot is not very durable in many parts, and its below-par construction design needs improvements.

For finance, it’s unreliable for added arch support. Hence stability and balance become risk factors for hiking.

There is no Gore-Tex waterproofing membrane, and the stitching style feels rather cheap.

For technical hiking and aggressive feet functionality, Grisport Unisex Adults Pennine

What’s good about this boot is its injection molded thick outsole and the padded collar.

But this boot is still likely to underperform if you are indulging in a more vigorous hiking session.

Its outsole is not very durable, which marks it slightly, restricting its activity for specific terrain.

The material choice of this boot showcases that Frisport is only capable of short hiking and everyday walking approaches.

For colder areas in Scotland and around, its less warm interior is another factor that tells you to switch to a better hiking boot!


  • Affordable in price
  • Padded collar for support
  • Weatherproof


  • No Ortholite footbed
  • Not insulated
  • The toe box is narrow, not suitable for wider feet

5. Columbia Women’s Peakfreak II Mid Outdry Hiking Boot

Columbia Women's Peakfreak II Mid Outdry Hiking Boot

Not every hiking boot lives up to expectations. I bought this Columbia Women’s Peakfreak for my sister’s Scotland hiking trip because I liked its pink laces, but she gave a review I hadn’t expected.

This boot didn’t feel comfortable on her feet, and based on her hiking experience, here is an honest review.

First, its stiff cushioning and the padding around the collar cause chafing on her sensitive skin.

Even after the break-in, the stiffness remained there, which is obviously uncomfortable for day-long hiking.

Its NAVIC FIT SYSTEM is good, but severe flaws make the fitting useless.

For instance, the laces are pretty flimsy and lack stability. Therefore it becomes annoying how to maintain the snug and secure knot.

Also, the outsoles feature adapt Trax outsole for added traction and hold well in our environment

However, as a hiking boot, the arch support is missing.

Throughout the hiking, its polyester material choice reminded her of how this boot’s breathability is not adequate. 

Too much sweat on your feet certainly is a matter of unhygienic feet during a day-long summer trip. 

In short, this boot looks compact, but for technical and professional hiking, it’s not suitable for sure.


  • Lightweight and compact design
  • Waterproof and mesh uppers
  • Trendy design with pink laces for a casual look


  • Stiff cushioning
  • Its laces are slippery; it lacks ideal fitting
  • Not breathable well due to the polyester material

Buying Guide

Scotland is home to some of the world’s most beautiful and challenging hiking trails. With rugged terrain, unpredictable weather, and stunning landscapes, it’s no wonder Scotland is a favorite destination for hikers. If you plan to go hiking in Scotland, one of the most essential gear you’ll need is a good pair of hiking boots. In this buying guide, I’ll help you choose the best hiking boots for Scotland based on your needs and preferences.

Consider the Terrain

Scotland’s terrain, with rocky paths, slippery slopes, and uneven ground, can be challenging. When choosing hiking boots for Scotland, it’s essential to consider the terrain you’ll be hiking on. If you plan to hike on rocky trails, you’ll need boots with a sturdy soles to provide good traction. If you plan to hike in wet or muddy conditions, you’ll need waterproof or at least water-resistant boots.

Think About the Weather

Scotland is notorious for its unpredictable weather. It’s not uncommon to experience four seasons in one day, so choosing boots that can handle a range of weather conditions is important. Look for breathable boots with good ventilation for warmer days but also offer insulation for colder days. Also, consider boots with a good grip for wet and slippery surfaces.

Choose the Right Material

Hiking boots come in various materials, each with its benefits and drawbacks. Leather boots are durable and provide good support but can be heavy and take longer to break in. Synthetic boots are lighter and often more breathable but may not be as durable as leather. When choosing the material for your boots, consider your personal preferences and the conditions you’ll be hiking in.

Look for Comfort and Fit

Hiking boots should fit well and be comfortable to wear for long periods. Look for boots with a snug fit around the ankle to provide support and prevent injuries. Consider boots with good padding and cushioning to provide comfort on long hikes. When trying on boots, wear the socks you plan to wear while hiking to ensure a proper fit.

Consider Your Budget

Hiking boots can range in price from less than $50 to over $500. While expensive boots may have more features and be made from higher-quality materials, they may not be necessary for all hikers. Consider your budget and prioritize the most critical features, such as durability, waterproofing, or insulation.


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