7 Best Leather Hiking Boots (Men & Women) 2023

Leather boots for hiking are everyone’s favorite. The premium style, high-quality impressive, and natural fitting on the uppers instantly make this hiking more comfortable for a worthwhile experience. But buying the best leather hiking boots online is not everyone’s cup of tea. Because everyone claims the world’s quality, finding honest reviews becomes a thing!

If you have searched through multiple pages online, this is going to be your ultimate selective search. I’m reviewing the most suavely breathable, softer, durable, and best-gripped boot for your next outdoor adventures. Below is the roundup of the top 7 choices of best leather hiking boots.

Comparison of Best Leather Boots for Hiking

Timberland's White Ledge – Best All Leather Hiking Boots
  • 1. Best Overall

Timberland’s White Ledge – Best All Leather Hiking Boots

  • Best feature compared to others: Feels soft and comfortable
Timberland Women's Mt Maddsen – Best Full Grain Leather Hiking Boots
  • 2. Good Upgrade

Timberland’s Mt Maddsen – Best Full Grain Leather Hiking Boots

  • Best feature compared to others: Efficient performance for hiking
Columbia Men's Newton Ridge – Best Lightweight Leather Hiking Boots
  • 3.

Columbia’s Newton Ridge – Best Lightweight Leather Hiking Boots

  • Best feature compared to others: Premium leather uppers
Ariat Terrain Men's Outdoor Boots – Best Value Leather Hiking Boots
  • 4. Best Value

Ariat Terrain Outdoor Boots – Best Value Leather Hiking Boots

  • The best feature compare to others is: Comfortable arch support
KEEN Women's Terradora 2 – Best Leather Waterproof Hiking Boots
  • 5.

KEEN Women’s Terradora 2 – Best Leather Waterproof Hiking Boots

  • Best feature compared to others: Comfortable, soft, and supportive
ECCO Men's Track 25 High Gore-tex – Best Leather Lined Hiking Boots
  • 6.

ECCO Men’s Track 25 High Gore-tex – Best Leather Lined Hiking Boots

  • Best feature compared to others: Shock-absorbing interior
KEEN Men's NXIS Speed Mid Height Vented Leather Hiking Boot
  • 7.

KEEN Men’s NXIS Speed Mid-Height Vented Leather Hiking Boot

  • Best feature compared to others: Fits well and doesn’t cause blisters

Details of Best Leather Hiking Boots

1. Timberland’s White Ledge – Best All Leather Hiking Boots

First on my list is this boot which is one of the best timberland boots.

This Timberland boot for hiking comes with added padded liners and the most quality interior that values the wearer.

If you are only looking for leather hiking boots, its premium full-grain leather upper with the best and most natural fitting would never feel stiff.

This is a men’s and women’s hiking boot, and its mid-waterproof performance helps place feet on mossy grass and damp, slippery rocks.

The water-resistant rubber outsole means there is no skidding incident, even on aggressive feet functionality.

The neat laces and the eyelets not only look impressive but also help in the snug fitting. With that, you can certainly have a better grip during ascending on rocks and sharp hills.

Additionally, it’s traction and broader toe box area let the feet in comfortable placement. For firm walking and hiking without much shock injury to the feet, you have the best reason to lean on this Timberland boot.

Overall, it feels lighter on feet with just 1.1 pounds of weight, and that also lets you wear it all day long.

From its durability point of view, Timberland Men’s White Ledge works exceptionally well.

You can hike more than 15 miles without any cracks, blisters on your feet, or chafing.

Its soft fabric choice and proper arch support are all about the best outdoor and walking experience.

  • Feels soft and comfortable
  • Best for snow and rough pathways
  • Improved traction on all terrain
  • Lightweight design and premium laces for grip
  • Ankle support feels protective and saves from injury
  • None

2. Timberland’s Mt Maddsen – Best Full Grain Leather Hiking Boots

Next up on the list of best leather boots for hiking is this Timberland Maddsen for women.

It’s a waterproof boot, which means you can wear it on grounds with water on it, mossy leaves, dampening terrain, and mossy pathways without making your feet wet.

Its leather upper is 100% full-grain waterproof, and plus the silver-rated tannery implies its high-quality approach for wearing on hiking.

Also, its leather uppers fit naturally well on the feet, providing breathability and comfort in one go.

For its comfortable interior and the well-cushioned insole is comfortable out of the box. The plush padding is a reason for no blister and chafing; you can easily walk 9 to 11 miles.

Moreover, its features like lightweight material choice, traction on abrasive and rough terrain, and the perfect fitting make sure you have chosen the right hiking boot.

You have the choice of multiple colors, and the design with leather combination makes it one of the most appealing for women.

It’s a well-designed boot with a gusset tongue that keeps dirt from entering the interior.

  • Efficient performance for hiking
  • Waterproof and breathable
  • Shock-absorbing cushioning
  • No debris due to gusset tongue
  • High-quality laces hooks and lightweight material choice
  • None

3. Columbia’s Newton Ridge – Best Lightweight Leather Hiking Boots

If you talk about what I found best fit for hiking, then Columbia Men’s from Newton’s line would be my ultimate pick.

This leather boot has kept my feet in absolute solace, plus there was no fatigue due to enough padding in the interior.

Its leather uppers, neat stitches, best design, and overall manufacturing style are so impressive that my wise man also found it great for hiking.

We both wear it, and the experience of hiking never let down either of us.

Its best design, comfortable and warm interior, and traction and grip on all terrain have felt naturally good.

I especially found it the ideal hiking boot for its protected design, snug-fitting from heel to toe, and the high-traction that holds a powerful grip.

While hiking, I encountered multiple terrains, from rocks to damp grass, gravel to roots, and smooth pebbles, and it never pinched a bit.

The thick padding and soft interior have been enough to hike up to 200 miles straight.

The interior has been designed with padded liner, and it felt relatively too warm for summer hiking, but the comfort is unbeatable.

It has ankle support, a waterproof design, and the proper airflow with a breathable upper, again providing feet comfort and never causing build-up sweat or heat.

The cushioning is resilient enough, which helped hiking and running in privilege.

  • Premium leather uppers
  • Runs true to size and feels comfy
  • Enhanced ankle support
  • Breathable and waterproof interior
  • Need a week to break-in, though it is a negligible con

4. Ariat Terrain Outdoor Boots – Best Value Leather Hiking Boots

This boot by Ariat is here for being the top-on-the-line and best-value hiking boot in leather upper quality.

It is equally best for men and women, so I picked it with more extraordinary privilege. If you want to keep your hiking trip stylized, Ariat boots would not let you down.

Since my wife and I are both avid hikers, its outsole traction and the rubber-made approach saved me from tripping.

That makes it reliable for hiking, for sure. Its full-grain leather with Pro waterproofing technology saved you feet from dampness, and I wore the boot in heavy rain.

Moreover, the leather upper with breathability ensured, and the best airflow helps to keep off sweat and germs buildup- I like its comfort for my feet, and the ankle support keeps the comfy support around.

I never felt this boot on the heavier side, and the weight limit of just 3 pounds makes it a great ascending boot.

The arch support further helps keep the strain off during the day-long wearing time.

This boot is nice-looking and works excellent for traction on abrasively rough grounds. The more significant support, arch balance, design, and lightweight comfort make it a great everyday boot.

  • Comfortable arch support
  • High-quality leather is waterproof
  • Best for everyday wearing
  • Feels roomy without hiking socks, good for winter but not for summer

5. KEEN Women’s Terradora 2 – Best Leather Waterproof Hiking Boots

KEEN Women's Terradora 2 – Best Leather Waterproof Hiking Boots

This boot by KEEN from the Terradora line is pretty much a well-designed hiking pair.

First of all, its flexible leather uppers with waterproofing and breathability factor are all about comfort.

Also, you won’t feel sweaty or gooey feet to impact the grip during challenging hiking.

Secondly, this boot has robust traction and support, its mid-ankle design supports the ankles in a comfy position and prevents chafing from the external environment.

The boot is overall well-designed for its rugged traction and durable stitches. It’s a hiking boot, so you have the total privilege of its comfortable wrapping for the feet.

The toe box is roomy, and I still feel protected.

They fit perfectly and have a reliable design for 20 to 30 miles of hiking. The fitting of this Keen boot has the best support without any friction, keeping your feet secure while running.

If you have worn most hiking boots with heavy designs, its lightweight build would insanely grab your attention.

  • Comfortable, soft, and supportive
  • Traction is reliable in all terrain
  • Fitting is supreme and keeps feet in place
  • The leather upper is durable and waterproof
  • None

6. ECCO Men’s Track 25 High Gore-tex – Best Leather Lined Hiking Boots

ECCO Men's Track 25 High Gore-tex – Best Leather Lined Hiking Boots

This boot by ECCO men’s Track is especially the best if you only prefer stylized hiking boots.

Its leather is Gore-Tex waterproof, which is best for dry feet to add more grip and support.

Also, the boot features high-quality metal detail and hooks for laces closure, making it durable and premium for hiking in an abrasive and harsh environment.

This is well-designed hiking footwear for comfort, ankle support, and excellent traction that feels firm.

The seams are pretty much durable, and therefore putting strain during climbing never compromises the quality of the boots.

ECCO men’s is a comfortable out-of-the-box boot for hikers and doesn’t require a break-in. The comfortable leather upper fits naturally and provides a secure fitting altogether.

The boot’s weight is not more than 1.85 pounds, and it feels gripping and secure, especially around its ankle. Through the cushioning and comfort liners, you won’t find abrasion or chafing on the sensitive feet’ skin, which adds to day-long hiking.

  • Shock absorbing interior
  • Impressive style and durable seams
  • Rust-proof metal hooks bear the strain of the laces
  • Comfortable and well-fitting design
  • Waterproof and breathable
  • Not for winter hiking; they’re not insulated

7. KEEN Men’s NXIS Speed Mid-Height Vented Leather Hiking Boot

KEEN Men's NXIS Speed Mid Height Vented Leather Hiking Boot

This is a men’s leather boot for hiking, and its extreme durability and powerful traction with rubber outsole is something that I have found exceptional.

The design is rugged and feels solid in appearance.

However, its softer fabric choice, comfort liners, best arch support, and supportive ankle design have provided me with day-long comfort.

Keen Men’s Nxis is a mid-high boot that makes it breathable, and I didn’t feel sweaty feet while wearing it all day.

The ergonomic design of Keen Is, especially at the toe box, has protected me from impacts and injury, which is the biggest gain for hikers.

The weight is also desirable with only 2.03 pounds which maintains balance, stability, and support on all terrain. There was no tripping incident on mossy wet rocks.

This boot has felt lightweight and considerably comfortable due to padding on the ankle and tongue.

In short, this boot fits perfectly and feels more like a sneaker.  Simply, I found its traction, breathability, waterproofing, and leather design awesome.

Keen Men’s Axis Speed Leather Hiking Boot Review
  • Fits well and doesn’t cause blisters
  • Lightweight design helps in climbing
  • Traction is gripping for feet functionality
  • Protective toe design
  • Feels less resilient
  • Its soles feel too softer

Buying Guide for the Best Leather Boots for Hiking

Whenever I’m buying a leather boot for hiking, I make certain that the boot fulfills the following parameters:

1. Quality

Full grain premium leather will ensure perfection in fitting and helps maintain the durable form exterior environments. So always choose the leather boot that features high-quality upper stitching, is well-joined, and has better longevity overall.

2. Weight 

A lightweight boot for hiking lets you jump, climb, and hike with much more flexible freedom. You can quickly ascend hills without putting strain on your feet, and it also helps you to keep off annoying fatigue. However, don’t choose a too lightweight boot for hiking as you may feel the abrasive ground prickly.

3. Waterproof

Leather boots are usually breathable. However, during buying, confirm if they also offer the best waterproofing. The waterproof leather upper helps keep feet dry and ensures warmth for snow hiking.

4. Vibram Outsole

The leather boot with Vibram outsole makes a perfect combination. They are fuller for traction and make the best grip on all-terrain. Therefore, don’t overlook Vibram rubber outsole in search of leather hiking boots.

5. Support and Snug Interior

The hiking boot with less support around the ankle and arch support can be dangerous for adventurous activity. Along with the supportive upper, the cushioning must support the feet to hold them comfortably. Also, the snug padding helps in keeping feet free from fatigue.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to clean leather hiking boots?

To clean leather hiking boots, follow these steps:

  • First, remove the boot laces and the insoles of the leather hiking boot.
  • Now, rub off the dirt and scum using a stiff bristle nylon brush or a soft fabric cloth.
  • Make a lukewarm water and dish soap solution to clean the boot inside out.
  • Wash the leather boot with clean water and wipe with a clean cloth to soak excess water.
  • Apply the soapy solution on the boot using a cloth and wipe off the boot uppers.
  • Let the boot dry naturally after drying the water from the towel. Put the boot away from direct sunlight and heat, as it can crack the leather.
  • You can use the boot oil to condition it for a better, softer, and shiner look.

How to care for leather hiking boots?

Follow the tips given below to take good care of your leather hiking boots:

  • Keep the leather boot clean.
  • Apply boot oil/conditioner to maintain durability.
  • Change insoles and midsoles to make sure of cleanliness.
  • Don’t put the boots in direct heat; it can cause brittleness to the leather.
  • Don’t wash your hiking boots in the washing machine; it can damage their quality and seams.
  • Apply waterproof treatment to maintain performance and efficiency for hiking.
  • Please don’t use harsh detergents or bar soap for washing the boot; it damages the waterproof membrane.

How to break in leather hiking boots?

Follow the steps given below to break in your new leather boots:

  • Use the boot stretcher.
  • Break in the leather hiking boot requires socks and insoles that you will wear on hiking trails.
  • Walking around the house while wearing thick socks helps you properly break in.
  • Wear the leather boot for short walks around the block to ensure the perfect boot break-in.
  • Wear the boot with a backpack to put weight on for the anticipated hiking adventure. It will help in an ideal boot break-in to stretch the interior.

How to waterproof leather hiking boots?

To waterproof your leather hiking boots, follow the steps given below:

  • Use wax to waterproof the leather hiking boot. You can choose any wax, such as G-wax, on the hiking boots to make them water-resistant.
  • You should first wash and clean your boots to remove dirt for applying.
  • Now use a cloth and your fingers to rub its layer on the boot uppers evenly. Keep the wax layer thin so that it applies the best way possible.
  • Apply the wax on cleaned and dry boots. Apply a dual coat of the wax once it dries for powerful waterproofing, and let it dry before you wear the boot for hiking.

How to stretch leather hiking boots?

You can simply use alcohol on hiking boots for a further stretch. Just dip a few cotton balls in alcohol and rub where it feels tighter. After that wear the boots again and see if it feels better or not. Walk around in the house so that the alcohol settles in the boot uppers.


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