ECCO Hiking Boots Reviews – Best Ones Listed

ECCO hiking boots have always surprised me with their ultra-comforting performance on the abrasive ground, appearing dandy. Not only that, but I’ve also found them to be durable enough with built-in support around the arch and the heel that lasts longer than traditional hiking footwear. Do you want to find out how my experience with ECCO went? Here you go!

ECCO Hiking Boots Reviews (Men & Women)

1. ECCO Men’s Track 25 High Gore-Tex Boot Review

Ecco Men’s Track 25 High Gore-Tex Boot

ECCO Track 25 is a stylish and super boot.

However, in this review, I’ll discuss how this boot helped me throughout hiking on rocky terrain and delivered comfy support.

Its high ankle support and the durability in the upper offered me the best hiking experience, plus the comfortable interior felt plus.

As you know, one thing leads to another, so its durability also did well on the abrasive ground, and there were no wear and tear signs.

In further vital features, I noticed this boot is relatively light in weight, with only 1.85 pounds in total.

Therefore, it never puts an apparent strain on my feet.

Also, the Gore-Tex waterproofing membrane did a fair job keeping my feet cozy and warmer.

The ankle-high from arch measurement is again a great design for which I kept my feet balanced for day-long wearing and continued to hike 300+ miles.

Overall, I am satisfied with this ECCO Track hiking boot, especially on uneven, bumpy roads.

  • Softer padding and cushioning
  • Breathable and waterproof full-grain uppers
  • Stylish design with durable metal detail work
  • Great traction with Thermoplastic Polyurethane sole
  • Somewhat expensive!

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2. ECCO Women’s Exohike High Gore-tex Boot Review

ECCO Women's Exohike High Gore-tex Boot
Review of this ECCO Exohike boot in the video: You will get better visuals and see the actual features this boot got.

Recently, I bought this ECCO women’s Exohike boot for my wife after much research.

This boot looks trendy and low-profile for its design, so I thought of giving it to her as she’s fond of hiking.

Luckily, my wife gave a positive review about this boot and its hiking performance on bumpy grounds.

Based on her hiking experience, here’s its review!

It’s best for feet ventilation, plus the Gore-Tex technology for dry feet worked well in rain, passing puddle water, and other such areas.

Also, the lightweight design and removable insoles further marked its valuable design for day-long hiking.

This boot is excellent for foot hygiene and keeping off excessive sweat build-up.

The flexibility in the design and material, especially in the outsole of this boot, has been the most satisfying feature that provided her with comfort.

It seamlessly kept off the strain. Its toe box felt a bit tighter, but after a break-in into the toe box, the size became snug and never felt pinching.

In short, it’s an ideal boot for trail running and trekking with swiftness on your feet!

  • Waterproof and breathable with GTX membrane
  • Subtle design and resilience cushioning
  • Snugger insider and natural fit uppers
  • Its stitching is not flexible
  • May feel somewhat tighter at the toe box

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3. ECCO Men’s Rugged Track Low Hydromax Review

ECCO Men's Rugged Track Low Hydromax

In this review, I will discuss its excellent waterproofing output and the traction this ECCO Rugged Track boot features.

The outsole ruggedness and the ideal traction of this boot are supreme and offered me a reason to wear it on technical hikes.

Unlike traditional boots, I liked the stability in the laces that didn’t come undone even when I aggressively moved my feet.

The style is subtle, and the balanced outsole with arch support design guarantees comfy walking and hiking with zero strain on my joints.

Its seams are flexible; hence I found durability in every bit of this boot.

Also, its HYDROMAX-treated leather and tongue construction has been ideally great for waterproofing performance!

I wore this in puddle water, but standing in streams for too long can be adverse. So I got everything that a hiking boot would offer in this price range!

The rubber outsole is why grip and traction remain on slippery surfaces and mossy grounds.

Although it’s fitting and can be improved after a few wears, I considered this boot one of the well-made designs for mid-range hiking.

  • Keeps feet dry and cozy
  • Easy to clean and offer rugged traction in dirt, mud, etc.
  • Excellent traction with rubber outsole
  • Features unique ECCO FLUIDFORM Direct Comfort Technology
  • May discolor over time
  • Feel a little bit stiff

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4. ECCO Men’s Expedition Iii Low Gore-tex Boot Review

ECCO Men's Expedition Iii Low Gore-tex Boot

ECCO Men’s Expedition is the best boot for rucking, trailing, trekking, hiking, and everyday wearing.

Therefore, I usually wear it when I’m out and about. The subtle design and high-quality seams are durable enough to withstand wear and tear.

So in this review, I will discuss the performance and design of the ECCO Expedition in view of my hiking experience.

For instance, this boot’s cushioning and ankle support are minimal, yet the comfy feel and snug fit design delivered me the ideal comfort in feet.

Also, the 1.25 Pounds lightweight design, flexible and resilient outsole design, and 100% leather uppers effectively contributed to fit, comfort, and durability.

Apart from its GTX waterproofing the insulated interior for cold weather hiking, I received the significant advantage of having this boot.

Protection-wise, I liked the Direct-injected PU midsole of ECCO Men’s Expedition, which minimizes the strain and impact of any protection foot injury.

So safe hiking became a highlight with this boot.

  • Rugged outsole for vigorous hiking
  • Offers protection with PU midsole
  • GTX water insulation and breathability
  • Features easy heel pull tab for quick on and off
  • Not a high-ankle boot
  • Not suitable for supinated or pronated feet

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5. Cross Trainer 2.1 ECCO Biom Hiking Boots Review

Cross Trainer 2.1 ECCO Biom Hiking Boots

I like low-profile hiking boots with obvious Gore-Tex that keep sweat build-up off my feet for summer hiking.

And this Biom Men’s boot from ECCO, made in the ECCO factory, fulfilled my requirement without much concern.

So in this review, I will discuss this footwear’s performance and quality factor given my hiking trip!

Among all the features, I especially found its ultra-light PHORENE midsole to be the greatest!

It helped me maintain a balanced feet posture; hence I hiked and walked without any discomfort on my joints.

Also its traditional lace-up design for custom fitting, Ortholite insole, and high-quality Ripstop fabric ensured a comfy feel and durability in the material in one go.

With privilege, I went to abrasive grounds, uneven terrain, and mossy wet places. The upper remained safe without tearing and ripping.

Overall, this is the most comfortable hiking and trailing boot for its cushioning, whereas the dedicated BIOM® NATURAL MOTION® helped me with swift gait under all circumstances!

  • Looks sporty and compact
  • Features a roomy interior for easy toe wiggle
  • PHORENE midsole help in bouncy and springy walking
  • Waterproof and breathable uppers
  • Offers great comfort and ripstop material for durability
  • Pull tab at tongue looks odd
  • Its seams are not ideally flexible

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Comparison of Best ECCO Hiking Boots (Men & Women)

After writing reviews of ECCO hiking boots, I wanted to list the best ones to help you if you really want to buy one. Down below is:

Sr. No.ImageNameBest FeaturePrice
1Ecco Men’s Track 25 High Gore-Tex BootECCO Men’s Track 25 High Gore-Tex BootSofter padding and cushioningCheck
2ECCO Women's Exohike High Gore-tex BootECCO Women’s Exohike High Gore-tex BootWaterproof and breathable with GTX membraneCheck
3ECCO Men's Rugged Track Low HydromaxECCO Men’s Rugged Track Low Hydromax BootKeeps feet dry and cozyCheck


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