Asolo Drifter vs Fugitive – Detailed Comparison

Asolo Drifter GV Evo and Asolo Men’s Fugitive GTX hiking boots differ in many respects from style to design that you see. The waterproof performance, traction level, and approach for impact reduction are some features that each boot bears.


The main difference between Asolo Drifter GV Evo and Asolo Men’s Fugitive GTX hiking boots is the break-in time. It means Asolo Drifter GV Evo needs little break-in time due to its true-to-size design, whereas Asolo fugitive requires more break-in time. So, Asolo drifter is slighlty better than Asolo fugitive.

Now let’s see what the other differences are!

Comparison of Asolo Drifter Vs Asolo Fugitive

The below table will let you see the difference between Asolo Fugitive and Drifter at a glance more comprehensively.

FeaturesAsolo FugitiveAsolo Drifter
ImageAsolo fugitiveAsolo drifter
PriceExpensive Affordable
Break-in timeRequires more break-in time for perfect fitting and performanceRequire less time to break in and quickly becomes adaptive to the feet
DurabilityLess durableDurable for abrasive terrain
ComfortFeels little stiffMore comfortable for feet
Fitting styleNarrow interior, best for slip feet shapeMedium to a large interior, best for normal to wide feet
WeightHeavier with 690 gramsRelatively lightweight with 610 grams
MidsoleSpecial midsole for added comfortEVA midsole for lightweight and bouncy footsteps
OutsoleAsolo/ Vibram soleVibram outsole for maximizing traction
Softness of fabricStiffer fabric with a somewhat close fabric choiceThe suede and nylon outer is pretty  comfortable and durable, without stiffness
Toe manufacturingRubber toeHeel brake, rubber toe
StyleStylish and more range in colorSubtle design and solid appearance
 Lug size Minimal Large size, best for passing through muddy pathways
 Synthetic material overlay Features Nubuck material overlay  Features synthetic material overlay on the side of the boot

Video Comparison of Asolo Drifter Vs Asolo Fugitive

Asolo Drifter

Asolo Fugitive


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