7 Best Gore-Tex Hiking Boots (Men & Women) 2023

If you are new to Gore-Tex, it’s a waterproofing fabric with enhanced capacity to keep off dampness or moisture from feet. What makes it unique is it works extraordinarily in extreme weather conditions. Hence, it becomes the perfect choice for hikers.

Finding the right boot when shopping for the first time is difficult. Hence, I’m rounding up the 7 best hiker’s boots with Gore-Tex water-resistant membrane boots that will provide even more robust and better footing on sharp grounds. 

Comparison of Best Gore-Tex Hiking Boots

best lightweight gore tex hiking boots



Merrell Men’s Moab 2 Mid Gtx Hiking Boot

Features: Durable with a decisive Vibram TC5+ sole, they feel light on the feet and have Breathable mesh for air regulation.

Salomon Women's X Ultra 3 MID GTX W Hiking Boots



Salomon Women’s X Ultra 3 MID GTX W Hiking Boots

Features: Descent control technology for technical hiking, quick to break in and feels flexible, and comfortable cushioning for sensitive feet.

Merrell Women's Moab 2 Mid Gtx Hiking Boot



Merrell Women’s Moab 2 Mid Gtx Hiking Boot

Features: GORE-TEX waterproof membrane with breathability, synthetic leather and mesh upper, and air cushioning with molded nylon arch.

Adidas - Terrex Swift R2 Mid Gtx - Cm7500


Adidas – Terrex Swift R2 Mid Gtx – Cm7500

Features: Waterproof liners are mighty, fee lightweight, and plus form inside and breathable mesh liners for freshness.

Salomon Men's Quest Prime Gore-Tex Hiking Boots


Salomon Men’s Quest Prime Gore-Tex Hiking Boots

Features: Feels comfortable for the skin, well-ventilated mesh, and thick-set rubber outsole.

ECCO Men's Track 25 High Gore-Tex Hiking Boot


ECCO Men’s Track 25 High Gore-Tex Hiking Boot

Features: Neat and stylish built, water-tight design with Gore-Tex helps during foggy weather, and removable leather-covered inlay sole.

Vasque Men's Breeze Gore Tex Waterproof Hiking Boot


Vasque Men’s Breeze Gore-Tex Waterproof Hiking Boot

Features: Dual-density EVA midsole for resilience, thicker leather upper, and comfortable cushioning.

Gore-Tex Hiking Boots Reviews

1. Merrell Men’s Moab 2 Mid Gtx Hiking Boot

best lightweight gore tex hiking boots

Merrell Moab (Mother of All Boot) is a genuine hiker’s choice for its imported material and supreme traction by the Merrell brand.

It works well on rough terrain and smooth grounds equally.

The impressive style, comfortable-out-of-the-box design, and synthetic sole are all about better wearing time. That is the reason why experts gave it a thumbs up!

Its Gore-Tex membrane has been sewn into the boot, making it stable in place. The boot is mid-foot waterproof so avoid stepping into deep water puddles.

So, this review is based on the expert hiker’s choice. Merrell Men’s GTX boot has a waterproof membrane on the exterior without compromising the breathability factor.

Therefore, you can wear this boot in the rain or when crossing the water, and it won’t show any signs of wear and tear.

Also, its bellows, closed-cell foam tongue is there to keep away the debris while walking in the woods.

For added comfort, Mellor Moab GTX has protective rubber to a cap that is best for reducing shock and impact on vulnerable joints.

The best part is this boot works well on hiking, trails, working, and even for casual wearing due to its subtle design.

Merrell Moab boots have a cupped heel that does not lift in mud or gooey grounds for better traction and firmness on the ground. This boot will work 15 to 25 miles without any issues depending on how much you put pressure on the feet. Overall, this boot is worth buying. 

  • Durable a powerful Vibram TC5+ sole
  • They feel light on the feet
  • Breathable mesh for air regulation
  • Powerful synthetic upper fits naturally
  • Super comfy and sporty
  • They’re comfortable in summer
  • Nothing to mention

2. Salomon Women’s X Ultra 3 MID GTX W Hiking Boots

Salomon Women's X Ultra 3 MID GTX W Hiking Boots

My wife has a special thing for hiking or going to trails.

So, I bought this dedicated Gore-Tex waterproof boot for her that belongs to Salomon, and based on her onion and experience, here is the honest review.

Due to optimal Gore-Tex lying, Salmon boot has served the right way for repelling water making the outdoor adventure more privileged.

Firstly, this Salomon women’s x Ultra boot is mid-Gore-Tex that protects from water and keeps feet warm and dry in winter.

Moreover, its rubber outsole is there for fuller traction. It’s 100% synthetic material with the mid-top sham easts from the arch there for supportive design.

For the fitting, the lace-up close lets you choose more combinations to keep the fitting adaptive.

With that, its Descent Control Technology significantly helped my wife during mid-height and technical hiking with lots of climbing.

She quickly passed through grass and creeks and hiked swiftly without subjecting her feet to the water.

That is a great parameter, especially when the weather is cold.

The design of this boot is also good.

It feels more like a sneaker and grips the ground without any loose traction.

Overall, this boot feels light on the feet and promotes swift walking throughout different terrain. This boot worked well for up to 9 miles non-stop outdoor time without any discomfort.

  • Descent control technology for technical hiking
  • Quick to break in and feels flexible
  • Comfortable cushioning for sensitive feet
  • Great traction on all terrains
  • Available in multiple colors
  • Not good if you have metatarsalgia

3. Merrell Women’s Moab 2 Mid Gtx Hiking Boot

Merrell Women's Moab 2 Mid Gtx Hiking Boot

Merrell Women’s Moab boot with GTX is exceptional for its comfort. Indeed, its interior has been carefully designed, keeping the women’s comfort in mind.

So, I chose this boot for my wife; she found it a fantastic pair.

Its waterproof design is exceptional due to the Gore-Tex membrane, plus the high-quality rubber outsole is there to maintain stability.

For those struggling with excessive foot sweat, Merrell women’s Moab boot has a breathable mesh liner for keeping feet well-ventilated and fresh all day.

Moreover, the shaft of the boot with the ankle from arch measurement and the USA-imported material choice feel super comfortable.

It makes its opening about 4 inches, making it easy to wear quicker.

Furthermore, its high-quality EVA foam with midsole comfort brings resilience during longer walks.

The best thing is you never feel your feet heavier when wearing this boot. That ensures a swift walk and a faster pace.

This boot has the traditional lace close, and that helped my wife when her feet were swollen due to continuous hiking.

The metal hook’s traditional lace closure allows you to try out different lacing combinations quicker.

Overall, Merrell Women’s Moab 2 Mid Gtx Hiking Boot is excellent with the synthetic leather, Air Cushion in the heel, Vibram TC5+ rubber sole, and the Protective toe cap Breathable mesh lining Kinetic Fit ADVANCED removable contoured insole! This boot is great for 2 miles of hiking with comfort around.

  • GORE-TEX waterproof membrane with breathability
  • Synthetic leather and mesh upper
  • Air cushioning with molded nylon arch
  • Lightweight EVA midsoles
  • Rubber outsole promote stability and grip
  • No shock during jumps and climbing with shock-absorption
  • Feels tight around the toe before breaking in

4. Adidas – Terrex Swift R2 Mid Gtx – Cm7500

Adidas - Terrex Swift R2 Mid Gtx - Cm7500

I like the Adidas brand for footwear due to their style and the fantastic boots’ quality.

So. this time, I approach the hiking boot with a special Gore-Tex membrane that can prevent water from seeping down to my feet. Here is the review of this boot.

Its black colors with an impressive design with mid-cut give the feet added comfort for faster walking.

Additionally, they are ideal for climbing and jumbling due to ADIPRENE(R) cushioning beneath the heel area. I found the boots relatively lightweight and have plenty of shock-abortion parameters to save feet from sudden impact. Also, it gets softer quite quicklyz over time.

The gripping outsole helped me throughout the hiking, even when the ground was slippery enough to fall.

That marks them a quality boot for hiking, for sure. Talking about its waterproof design, the mighty Gore-Tex membered liners have double-up quality for keeping feet dry and warm.

However, the mesh is there to make air regulated.

I found the ADIPRENE(R) cushioning beneath the heel way comforting for shock absorption, and that’s why I will become this boot for all those hikers who are always on energetic climbing and foot movement. It will help your feet not to feel like spring feet at the end of the day.

  • Waterproof liners are powerful
  • Fees lightweight and plus form inside
  • Breathable mesh liners for freshness
  • TRAXION(TM) outsole for high traction
  • Fairly good grip on all terrain
  • Multiple color choice
  • Nothing to mention

5. Salomon Men’s Quest Prime Gore-Tex Hiking Boots

Salomon Men's Quest Prime Gore-Tex Hiking Boots

Salmon is a big name for hiking boots and footwear.

Therefore, I picked this bot from their men’s Quest Prime line, especially because it has Gore-Tex waterproof lining.

And believe me, this boot’s comfort and performance have been the dominant part. I never felt my feet soaring at the end of the long hectic day.

The boot has 100% synthetic material, which is of imported quality, so there is no doubt about its performance at all.

Furthermore, its shaft measures about 5 inches from the arch, which feels good on a hiker’s boot.

Salmon Men’s boot has been my best for hiking for its plush padded insole and the rubber toe cap that protects from sudden impact and hazards.

Not to mention how its Gore-Tex waterproof and breathable weather protection liner has made my day when I have to walk past water streams!

For lacing, you have the traditional hook and lace-up closure that add to style and durability in one go!

Hikers don’t like heavy-weight boots because they have to climb and jump a lot.

Therefore, this boot has been designed with lightweight material that never weighs more than 570 grams in total. 

The premium cushioning and overall design have kept his boot a lightweight choice. I wore these boots for hiking more than 9 miles, and they never /picked or felt stiff at any point. I totally found them worthy of the penny.

  • Feels comfortable for the skin
  • Well-ventilated mesh
  • Thick-set rubber outsole
  • Rubber toe cap to protect from hazards
  • Superior quality cushioning and liners
  • Hook and lace closure for adaptive lace combo
  • Its tongue is fixed to the boot
  • The size may feel small and need to break-in

6. ECCO Men’s Track 25 High Gore-Tex Hiking Boot

ECCO Men's Track 25 High Gore-Tex Hiking Boot

ECCO men’s boot is yet another quality addition to the Gore-Tex waterproof category. And also the best choice if you want ECCO boots.

For hikers, this boot has a lot to offer. Form outsole quality to the premium imported material that adds value to the style.

However, what grabbed my attention the most was its thermoplastic polyurethane sole that brought in vigorous stability and grip on the ground. This boot has an opening that measures approximately 12″ around, whereas the shaft measures about ankle-high from the arch, which is fine.

Its supreme rust-proof mineral details and Gore-Tex waterproof design kept my feet dry, warm, and comfortable during misty weather.

With breathable uppers, the ECCO boot has a removable leather-covered inlay sole, durable oiled nubuck, and flexible interior that adapts to the foot shape.

Since I always like lightweight boots for hiking, this boot has not let me down either with its 1.85 Pounds of weight.

Unlike many regular boots, the ECCO hiking boot has an improved direct-injected two-component sole featuring a P.U midsole and T.PU outsole, which amplifies traction, controlled friction, and grip that matters during hiking.

Overall, this boot is reliable for a 100 to 230-mile trip.

  • Neat and stylish built
  • Water-tight design with Gore-Tex helps during foggy weather
  • Removable leather-covered inlay sole
  • Rustproof metal details
  • Natural fit with ECCO FLUIDFORM
  • Full-grain breathable leather
  • Can be expensive

7. Vasque Men’s Breeze Gore-Tex Waterproof Hiking Boot

Vasque Men's Breeze Gore-Tex Waterproof Hiking Boot

And now, let’s review his last Gore-Tex hiking boot. Based on the customer’s review, this Vasque Men’s Breeze boot has the most quality-holder rubber outsole that only provides grip and fuller traction without compromise.

It is one of the best Vasque hiking boots.

Vasque is a lightweight hiking boot with a total of 2.9 pounds of weight and feels good on the feet.

This hiker’s boot has won the customer’s choice, and due to many factors such as style, comfort, easy stretching, and traction, you have a valid reason to buy it. It has a Gore-Tex membrane, as you have already expected.

You get dry feet, however, breathable.

You never feel the outermost, and it also keeps your feet dry during humid days.

You will find excellent features of his boot, such as dual-density EVA midsoles, All Terrain Compound cushioning, comfort liners, and a better fitting approach.

However, you have to try it out in real-time!

So, if you talk about expert advice and customs choice, Vasque is the winner.

  • Dual density EVA midsole for resilience
  • Thicker leather upper
  • Comfortable cushioning
  • GORE-TEX membrane blocks moisture from the outside
  • They’re narrow
  • Its laces are somewhat short

Buying Guide

If your primary goal is to find the best hiker’s boot with Gore-Tex waterproofing, there is no chance you won’t get what you want. However, there is a high chance that you overlook other important factors that make a hiking boot dedicated in the process!

The GTX membrane has a super-quality capacity to repel moisture and liquid that can otherwise cause wetness on feet. The best part is it does not add weight.

Unarguably, many brands are offering stupendous quality Gore-Tex ensured boots, such as Merrell, Timberland, ECCO, Salomon, and many more. So, brand choice is something that falls into personal preference. However, there are some wise features that suitable or, I should say, efficient hiking footwear has to offer.

Here are some of the essential features that you should also consider when buying gore-tex hiking boots:

Flexibility: The resilience in the hiker’s boot is what allows you to move your feet in vigorous movement for jumping, climbing, brisk walking, and more.

Outsole: A rugged outsole provides traction, grip, and stability on all-terrain.

Breathability: Well-ventilated boots never cause rashes or fungus due to sweat build-up.

Cushioning: The hiking boot with comfort liners and cushioning allow feet to remain comfy throughout.

Seams: The powerful seams will always keep up with durability and unexpected wear-out.

Right store: Right store is also essential to get a fair price for hiking boots like Gore-tex. So, always keep in mind where you buy hiking boots.

How to Clean Gore-Tex Hiking Boots?

To clean gore-tex hiking boots, follow the steps given below:

  • Use a brush to remove caked on the dirt layer.
  • Now fill a tub or container with water and add dishwashing soap.
  • Dip the hiking boot in the container and carefully scrum the boot’s uppers, insoles, laces, and lounge.
  • Rinse the boots with cleaned water and wash off the soapy solution.
  • Wipe the excess water with paper and air dry the boots.
  • You can also stuff the boot with old newspaper or any paper to suck off the dampness in the boot.

What Are Gtx Hiking Boots?

Gore-tex or Gtx hiking boots are a type of footwear designed specifically for hiking and outdoor activities. They are typically made with durable materials and feature a waterproof and breathable Gore-Tex membrane, a type of insulation, which helps to keep your feet dry and comfortable in wet or rainy conditions. Gtx hiking boots also often have a sturdy, supportive sole with good traction for added stability and grip on rough terrain. Some styles may also have additional features, such as padded collars and tongues, reinforced toe boxes, and lace-up closures for a secure fit. Hiking boots with a Gtx label are generally considered to be high-quality, reliable options for outdoor enthusiasts and are often used for backpacking, mountain climbing, and other demanding activities.


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