Oboz vs Salomon Hiking Boots – Unbiased Opinion

If buying Oboz or Salmon hiking boots is hard, the best way is to compare both brands. I wore hiking boots of both brands (both boots simultaneously), so today, I shall explain the straightforward difference in the best way possible.

The main difference between Oboz and Salmon is the traction and grip. Salomon hiking boots offer excellent traction and gripping outsoles, especially on rocky terrain whereas Oboz hiking boots are mediocre for traction. However, Oboz usually offer larger toe boxes in their boots whereas Salomon boots run true to size.

Let’s see the further diversions between the two brands.

Comparison Table of Oboz vs. Salomon Hiking Boots

FeaturesOboz Hiking BootsSalomon Hiking Boots
ImageA oboz hiking bootA Salomon hiking boot
MaterialHigh-quality material choiceVariety of different materials
Insole/outsolesUses O-Fit insoles Contagrip soles and Excellent traction on rocky terrain
Toe boxWide Toe boxTrue  to size
Waterproofing/breathabilityBest breathability but less waterproofingBest waterproofing but less breathability
TechnologiesSuperb Cushioning and unmatched support.Uses innovative technologies
PriceAffordable (Check)Expensive (Check)
Brand establishmentIn 2008- by ObozIn 1947 –by François Salomon
Best CollectionBest Oboz Hiking BootsBest Salomon Hiking Boots

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Features Compared Discussed Below

Below I’m just comparing both brands according to my experience, and you can pick whatever suits you. As you know, each brand has its signature technologies and other parameters for manufacturing hiking footwear. In the end, it’s all about one’s personal choice!

1. Waterproofing

It’s pretty hard to decide which brand overpowers the other for waterproofing. But I have noticed that Salomon hiking boots offer a slightly more vigilant waterproofing system and keep feet dry, whereas the Oboz boots slightly underperformed when I stood in deep water for too long. This is a matter of concern for professional hikers.

For example, I wore this Oboz Bridger Mid B-Dry Hiking Boot – Men’s boot, and it has a B-DRY Waterproof system to keep feet dry parameter highlighted. However, its breathability was fairly less. On the other hand, this Salomon Outline Mid Gore-Tex Hiking Boots for Men comes with Gore-Tex waterproofing membrane that is best for waterproofing and keeping feet dry. For me, this boot also provided seamless ventilation.

2. Toe box

Oboz is one of the best brands for those who want to pick a wider toe box in hiking boots. On the other hand, Salomon hiking boots are comfortable and soft with the best fabric liner and run true to size. But if you have slightly wider feet, Oboz should be your go-to pick.

For instance, I bought this Oboz Bozeman Mid Hiking Boot – Men’s, and its comfortable and roomy interior, especially the toe box, allowed me to wiggle my feet comfortably. Due to this, I wore this boot all day long without any discomfort at the end of the day. On the contrary, this SALOMON Men’s Quest 4d GTX High Rise Hiking Boot has a protective toe cap in its built-in design and fits just right for my feet after I broke in this boot.

3. Lacing System

Salomon hiking boots have been appreciated for their easy and quick lacing system. They make their hiking boots featuring high-quality gusseted tongues, rubber toe caps for protection, and the best design that keeps dirt from passing into the boot. 

It helps to keep the boot neat while you hike on muddy terrain. On the other hand, Oboz hiking boots offer a traditional lacing system that is reliable as well as to remain in place.

This Oboz Sawtooth II Mid B-Dry Hiking Boot – Women’s boot has a loop lacing system. In contrast, this Salomon Women’s X Raise Mid Gore-tex Hiking Boot offers a neat and well-designed lacing system that ultimately plays a significant role in keeping the boot neat and clean.

4. Price and Affordability

The price ranges of Salmon hiking boots are less flexible, and most of their hiking boots are expensive. On The other hand, Oboz offers an affordable price range for their hiking boots, welcoming everybody to buy them.

Salmon incorporates many technologies in their hiking boots, such as SensiFit, Advanced Chassis, and OrthoL Plus, they offer chic designs and trendy styles that justify the price tag. 

On The other hand, Oboz hiking boots are subtle in design but maintain stability and support with O-Fit insoles and Deep Heel Cup. Such as this Oboz Women’s Sypes Low Leather B-Dry Waterproof Hiking Shoe is available for only $109.50, whereas this Salomon Women’s Quest is available at an expensive price of $230.00!

5. Brand Evaluation

Salomon was introduced in 1947, and the brand excels in producing several outdoor boots for hiking, trail running, adventure racing, climbing, snowboarding, and skiing, plus, all of their niches have been well-received with the best performance.

The Oboz brand focuses more on being environmentally friendly, and they have planned millions of new trials ever since its establishment in 2008.

Summarized Features Explained in Infographics

infographic explaining Salomon features

infographic explaining oboz features

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