5 Best Breathable Hiking Boots 2023

If you struggle with sweaty feet but want to go on a hike, you only want the best breathable hiking boots! Not to mention how breathable boots are ideal for letting out the heat build-up to maintain foot hygiene.

Luckily, many brands claim the best breathable technology, such as Gore-Tex membrane for hiking footwear. Below, I will talk about top-of-the-line hiking boots that are well-ventilated and have shown excellent results for feet functionality in every aspect.

List of Best Breathable Hiking Boots Compared

Best Ventilated Hiking Boots Explained

1. Columbia Men’s Newton Ridge Plus II – Best Waterproof Breathable Hiking Boots

Columbia Men's Newton Ridge Plus II – Best Waterproof Breathable Hiking Boots

One of the best things about this Columbia boot is its style and premium design that casts a decent impression.

However, you have its ideal and reliable waterproof suede leather uppers for breathability.

This Columbia boot uses lighter fabric which feels more like a sneaker plus I don’t make the interior overly heat up.

Therefore, a well-fitted interior helps you have practical feet functionality. 

The softer fabric and breathable mesh tongue mean you don’t have overly sweaty feet, even on summer days.

Many customers have praised this boot for many factors, such as Omni-grip that work for all terrain without instability during the walk.

Furthermore, the lightweight material with only 2.6 pounds soft weight further minimizes the heaviness, so your feet remain cool and dry for an ideal hiking experience.

The comfortable interior never causes blisters or chafing at all.

Moreover, it’s supportive cushioning, ankle support, and durable neat seams-sealed construction make it an excellent boot for hiking and outdoor activities.

Also, its design keeps out rain, muck, and puddles when you walk energetically.

Columbia Newton Ridge offers a rugged outsole pattern with high-quality rubber, which is non-skid foot placement for outsole and grip.

Overall, this is a neat boot and offers multiple color ranges that you can choose from.

  • Waterproof and breathable for summer hiking
  • Secure padding keeps feet cozy and comfy
  • Lightweight and add ankle support
  • Non-skid outsole for multiple grounds
  • Durable uppers are stylish with seam-sealed build
  • None

2. KEEN Men’s Targhee Vent – Best Lightweight Breathable Hiking Boots

KEEN Men's Targhee Vent – Best Lightweight Breathable Hiking Boots

I bought this Keen hiking boot for myself for its 100% fabric design.

Therefore, breathability has never been a matter of concern for my feet.

Moreover, its optimal water-resistant and soft mesh lining kept off chafing and abrasion on the skin.

What I liked the most was the non-marking outsole that let me wear it indoors without any mess.

It’s a mid-height boot, and that is further added to keep things breathable.

Also, it has an oiled Nubuck leather upper that is naturally breathable with vented mesh panels.

Also, the removable footbed was a favorable point for my feet to maintain hygiene.

In other factors, I found this best-fit and perfect gripping boot on slippery grounds.

Many boots make a snug fitting a concern, but this Keen Targhee boot is ideal for a comfortable interior, foamy and softer padding, and a roomy interior.  

The rugged outsole pattern again goes well for its 2.75 weight, adding to the stability.

For hiking, this boot never let me down on rocky and rocky surfaces, plus the non-marking sole is appreciable.

This boot offers you everything that hiking footwear should. You have a reason to lean on KEEN Men’s Targhee Vent from comfort to supportive traction.

This boot has been reliable for hiking, and it didn’t underperform for traction and feet functionality.

  • Excellent breathability and anti-odor interior
  • Fairly lightweight and comfortable
  • Keeps feet dry and warm
  • Softer interior and non-marking outsole
  • Rugged outsole for controlled friction
  • None

3. XPETI Men’s Thermador

XPETI Men's Thermator

You might not have heard of the XPETI Thermator hiking boot, but it’s supreme for keeping feet warm yet breathable.

Therefore, it is recommended by many professional hikers and outdoor enthusiasts.

The insulated interior and waterproofing, and breathable fabric liners instantly ensure hygienic airflow, ventilation, and feet.

This boot comes with XPETI X-DRY Membrane, which is ideal for keeping my feet cozy and dry on day-long snowy hiking.

Its rubber outsole is lightweight, plus the material choke is also light.

Therefore, I didn’t feel heaviness while hiking or ascending. For protection factor, the 8’’ inches of the shaft was enough for ideal feet functionality and safety from abrasion.

It is indeed a good 8-inch height boot.

XPETI Men’s is a great boot, and it was my first purchase from this brand without any quality concerns.

For instance, its TPU molded ankle support for stability in walking and the high-quality cushioning with adjustable, secure lace-up fitting are some of the features that I’d like to mention.

Due to style, foot comfort, and traction for snowy paths, I kept this XPETI Thermator boot for walking, skiing, hiking, camping, casual, working, shopping, driving, and vacationing without a second thought. It provided me with enough reasons to do that.

It is indeed one of the most comfortable hiking boots.

It fits me perfectly, and the best part is its durability for uneven terrain. It’s a perfect hiker’s boot in many respects.

  • Excellent X-DRY Membrane waterproof for dry feet
  • Keeps feet breathable but warm for snow hiking
  • Rugged outsole pattern for anti-slip walking
  • Snug and comfortable fitting
  • Maximum ankle support from safety
  • None

4. KEEN Men’s Voyageur

KEEN Men's Voyageur

Keen men’s boots are highly durable and reliable from every point of view.

This voyageur line has been well-received for its comfort, especially for its breathable uppers. So based on the customer’s review, here is the review.

Keen Voyageur offers moisture-wicking lining,, which makes it more favorable for summer hiking plus, the mesh liners make airflow around.

The high-quality designs of this boot with the 100% textile and synthetic mix further adds to its breathable factor.

Apart from waterproofing and breathability, this boot is best for keeping the feet free from strain and annoying chafing when you walk miles away.

Its heavy-duty 4mm multi-directional lugs for traction and great foot placement are there. You have total reliability with this boot for durability.

This boot is also available for men and women, welcoming everybody to try Keen’s Voyageur.

Furthermore, its ideal arch support helps you ascend or hike on dangerous hiking points without injury.

This hiking boot has been designed with extra concern for padding and ankle support.

It’s not a heavyweight hiking boot, and the total of 1.2 Pounds of weight feels reasonable for all-day long hiking with miles of walking.

It has heavy-duty 4mm multi-directional lugs for traction and great foot placement. You have total reliability with this boot for durability, plus the solid toe box keeps injury hold off.

Here is a review video of this boot:

  • Lightweight and the durable seams
  • Arch support and traction are assisting
  • Water-resistant leather is breathable
  • Mid-profile upper for safety against injury
  • Natural fitting with textile and synthetic fabric
  • Its colors may appear rather dark
  • Outsole glue is somewhat flimsy

5. CAMEL CROWN for Outdoor Trailing Trekking Walking

CAMEL CROWN for Outdoor Trailing Trekking Walking

Camel hiking boots are best for their style and softness under the feet. Also, Camel Crown is a reliable brand.

However, I picked it to keep my feet well-ventilated, and it didn’t disappoint me. The best thing is that nothing compromises breathability and airflow when you wear this boot for hours.

The non-slip outsole and best fitting further provided me with an ideal hiking experience throughout the activity, plus the laces didn’t come undone or loose, which added to the grip.

I liked many things about this hiking boot, such as the supportive ankle support and the padding that wraps the feet in a comfy position.

Also, its non-slip design and the durability in waterproofing have backed up my hiking on multiple terrains, including mossy and misty pathways with slippery rocks.

Aside from breathability, this boot is super easy to clean. So, I didn’t have a hard time cleaning it when I returned from hiking or trekking. 

This hiking boot feels like a sneak, but the shock-absorbing material and midsole work best for pro outdoor feet functionality.

It’s a reasonable and sober boot with a subtle color range. If you are looking for a mesh hiking boot to keep off water and sweat, Camel Crown would fit best for all outdoor activities!

  • Comfortable and anti-shock interior for feet safety
  • Easy to clean and neat build
  • Moist absorbing insoles
  • Best for keeping feet dry inside out
  • Arch support and ankle support add to stability during hiking
  • Lightweight design but ultra-traction with a rugged outsole
  • Might feel stiff for sensitive feet
  • Padding may feel flat over time

How Do I Test the Breathability of Hiking Boots?

Checking and testing the breathability factors of a hiking boot is a matter of keen observation. Therefore, I wore hiking boots that claim to be breathable for outdoor activity. While outdoors, I keep an eye on the moist and sweat-soaking ability of the boot, plus the waterproof outsole should provide efficiency to keep feet dry.

The dry feet from both puddle water, misty grass, and the sweat buildup implied that the boot is breathable and waterproof in one go.

However, I also test the boot for breathability by cutting and checking the membrane inside to ensure its quality.

Therefore, the Gore-Tex waterproof membrane, M-select dry for Merrell, and other technology inside the boot proved it’s water-proof.

Not to mention, the mesh liners and leather uppers are apparent to know its breathability.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are waterproof hiking boots breathable?

Yes, waterproof hiking boots are breathable. Waterproofing does not mean the boot won’t be breathable. Nowadays, brands manufacture such boots that are waterproof and breathable to keep your feet dry. Columbia Men’s Newton Ridge Plus II is the best example of a waterproof and breathable boot at the same time.

Waterproof vs breathable hiking boots: which one is best?

Waterproof hiking boots are best if they keep your feet dry side by side, protecting you from water outside, whereas breathable hiking boots are best to keep your feet dry, but won’t work in snowy mountains. So, buying a waterproof + breathable pair of boots is good to tackle inside sweat and outside water.


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