How to Draw Hiking Boots? 6 Simple Steps

If you have ever wondered how to draw hiking boots like a pro, you have just reached the right place. Below I’m explaining the step-by-step procedure about how you can ace drawing the perfect kids’ and adults’ hiking boots like a cinch. So let me show you how!

Material Needed

  • Pencil
  • Paper
  • Eraser
  • A ruler
  • A maker (for outline)

Procedure for Drawing Hiking Boots

To perfectly draw the hiking boots, you can simply print out the real hiking boot image and then trace it out with the help of tracing paper. However, if you want to draw the boot on your own, here I’m explaining to you the grid method in simple steps.

1. Draw a Grid

First of all, draw a rectangle with the help of a pencil and ruler. It will help you define the boundaries and make the boot shape more definitive. Now from the center of the rectangle, draw a vertical and a horizontal liner to divide the shape.

Now draw another horizontal line by keeping things equal and then divide half of the rectangle. Make it a grid. Finally, draw a vertical line and equally divide the left half of the rectangle. It should look like a grid.

hiking boot drawing grid

2. Mark the Measurements And Outline It

From the right upper corner, mark the width and height of the boot picture. Make some lighter lines for the major proportions of the hiking boot. Now outline its shape, you have to keep drawing the shape from the right side of the paper and then rage it to the left side. 

It should look like the toe box at the bottom left of the grid while the collar of the boot should be at the top right.

Mark the Measurements And Outline It

3. Draw the Upper of the Boot and Make Its Tongue

Carefully and slowly draw the boot’s upper top and define the place for a tongue (boot’s tongue) and draw the toe box.  Keep your pencil pressure lighter and slower.

make upper of the hiking boot

4. Add the Boot’s Soles and Draw Further Upper Lines

Now add the outsole of the boot and draw more lines to make the upper more prominent. Make sure to outline the boot rings.

Add the Boot’s Soles and Draw Further Upper Lines

5. Make the Boot’s Collar and Laces

Now draw more lines to show the outsole belter and indicate the laces, eyelets, and collar of the hiking boot. For laces, draw zigzag lines and add a strap at the end.

Draw the Boot’s Collar and Laces

6. Give It the Final Touch

Now contour the picture (using a marker) and make the outliner a little thicker. Add blackness to the lines. You can add more details according to your choice such as shading, ground, or tag of the boot. After that, rub out the grid guidelines. this is it, you are done drawing the hiking boot!

draw final touch

Video for Drawing Hiking Boot Perfectly


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