How to Pack/Store Hiking Boots?

Packing and storing footwear demands proper skills. If you are an avid hiker, you must know how to pack/store hiking boots.

So, today I’m going to tell you the straightforward process of how you can efficiently pack the hiking boot in luggage to carry. Also, I shall shed light on how to store those hiking boots after you return from hiking so that they never wear out.

How to Pack Hiking Boots? 3 Best Tips

Here is the simple procedure to pack your hiking boot:

1. Put the Boot in the Backpack

The best and simplest way to pack your hiking boots is to pack them in the backpack that you carry. However, if you want to pack the boot in a backpack, keep a brush along to remove dirt and mud. Moreover, carry the boot cover so that they don’t create a mess in your backpack.

2. Pack Them in the Luggage

For packing the boots in luggage, use the “L” shape of the hiking boot to place them in the bottom corner. Carefully yet firmly push the boot’s sole and heel against the side of the luggage/suitcase for best packing. You can fill up the light gaps with a cloth or boot cover.

3. Tie the Boots on Your Backpack

If you don’t want to carry the luggage, you can still take your hiking boots with you by tying them on the shoulder bag. It’s a rather simple and handy way to carry the boots for most hikers as well.

  • Use one backpack shoulder strap
  • Use both backpack shoulder straps
  • Knot the laces of both boots together

Here is a perfect helping video that shows what you need to pack your hiking boots:

How to Store Hiking Boots? 9 Best Tips

Here is the procedure to store your hiking boots:

1. Clean the Boots

Before you store, you should know how to clean hiking boots. If not, scrub the caked-on dirt of scum using a hard bristle brush. Use lukewarm water and mild soap to wash the strain and dirt. Make sure they are fully dried and hygienic.

2. Arrange Them in Boot Rack

Don’t just drop the boots blindly, lay the hiking boots in a row and arrange them based on height and design. You can use the boot rack for avoiding cracks, lines, and scuffs. The book rack is best if you have different types of hiking boots such as keen length, mid-ankle, low, ankle, etc. You can place the book rack for storing until the next hiking season.

Boot Rack

3. Use Storage Box

Storing hiking boots in storage boxes is the old yet best way. Moreover, you can also add tags such as winter boots, waterproof boots, etc that you use while hiking. Choose a boot storage box with vented holes so that the airflow remains there and boots do not get any compromised storage.

4. Line up the Tall Boots

Dedicate the space for tall hiking boots and place the boot on the mat for even more protection from dirt etc. (use a shoe rack if floors are misty). After lining up the boots you can stuff them with a paper towel or newspaper so that they don’t become droopy and the straightness remains there.

5. Hang the Boots

You might have not heard of this type of boot storage, but hanging the boot makes a wise way for ensuring the quality. You can hang any hiking boot regardless of its height such as mid-calf, to the knee, or even over-the-knee boots.

For that, you can use either a boot hanger or a pant hanger. The boot hanger looks impressive, clean, and polished. Pant hangers are also fine, affordable, and usable. So choose what suits you the best.

boot hanger

6. Stuff the With Paper

When you’re storing hiking boots, stuff them with papers and newspapers. It will soak the moisture and dampness in the environment. This is an important point that you must observe no matter if you put them in a box. It will also help the boot to stay in shape.

7. Add the Silica Packet

When you are storing hiking boots, adding silica packets makes a huge difference. It will absorb the moisture and make sure it has a natural boot smell.  Silica packets are best for lightweight hiking boots because they soak the smell faster than heavyweight boots.

silica gel in boots

8. Use Boot Shape Holder & Inserts

That’s another best way to store your boots. Using a boot shape holder, your boots never get de-shaped. You can use boot inserts and shape holders for a longer duration of storage.

You can also use boot stretchers to store boots for up to 15 days.

boot shape holder and inserts


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