Salomon Comet 3d GTX Hiking Boots Review

I chose the Salomon Comet hiking boot for its ruggedness in the outsole and outstanding performance in every aspect. This boot is affordable and offered me great benefits that helped during technical hiking.

I purchased this boot due to its brilliant trailing performance and supremely lightweight, if you want more reasons, stick to the end and learn more about Salomon Comet 3d GTX hiking boot.

My Verdict

Salomon Comet 3D has been the best Salomon hiking boot so far. I hiked 12+ miles and wore this boot on multiple challenging terrains with slippery and rugged pathways, and traction and durability performance remained absolutely stable!

Also, its subtle design and mesh upper worked great in an environment where I hiked. Overall, this hiking boot is best, with no significant problem. Although this boot felt a little bit at first, after a few wears, it felt comfy, especially since its protective toe box is fantastic.

It’s the softer lining and removable footbed that delivered support with every single step that I took while hiking. This boot features a rugged design and robust durability that is great for professional hikers!

Asolo Neutron Gore Tex Hiking Boot

My Rating: 4.0/5

Avg. Customer’s Rating: 4.4/5

Pros and Cons of Salomon Comet 3d GTX

  • OrthoLite footbed is removable and offers a lightweight design
  • Robust traction locks the footsteps in place
  • Comfortable on stiff and rough terrain
  • Neat and neat seams
  • Little bit tight on my feet
  • Need break-in

video explaining all features that Salomon gtx 3d got: an unbiased review indeed.

Features I tested

Below are the main features that I have especially paid heed to:

1. Weight

I don’t usually prefer lightweight boots, so I must choose something that can maintain stability without hurting my feet and joints. The best this boot is only 1.2 pounds heavy, but its sticking properties toward the ground are exceptional. Therefore, its lightweight design never hinders the balanced stability of the best grip on abrasive terrain.

Its lightweight OrthoLite footbed with thermoplastic urethane is appreciable. That is the reason why I delivered excellent traction all and all. Overall, this boot ensures that the feet receive the best comfort without any strain on joints.

2. Traction

Indeed, it’s a hiking boot, so its traction has been likewise. The outsole featuring a rugged pattern brought in enough sticky and gripping performance. I hiked on multiple surfaces featuring abrasive muddy pathways, gravels, pebbles, and loose mud, and its outsole remained a study for being durable.

outsole of salomon comet 3d gtx
A really nice outsole for a good grip

There is a lot to say about this traction and grip. What I notice is impressive is its 3D Chassis provides dynamic grip on all terrain, plus the ascending lug, plus its non-marking sole is there. Due to this design, I even had the privilege to wear this boot inside my house without any trails of mess behind.

3. Uppers and Comfort

upper and fabrics of 3d Comet Salomon boot
Great fabric that has long-lasting properties

The comfort comes from the material choice in a hiking boot. Salomon Comet features soft Nubuck leather and synthetic, which is breathable, plus it is flexible enough to couture the feet in an adaptive manner. Therefore, wearing this boot on challenging ascending and descending didn’t put pressure on my feet.

The interior has a significantly softer lining, which means there is no chafing, which is why I have positive thoughts about its comfort. The soft fabric never causes chafing, and its ventilation ensures the airflow is decent, so there is no question about running the fabric on the feet’ skin.

I’m pretty keen about feet hygiene, and thanks to the removable insole, that adds to the hygiene in a way. Salomon Comet 3d features a completely replaceable footbed, meaning there is no hygiene concern.

4. Size and Fitting

Salomon Comet is an excellent boot for its stability and comfort. However, I broke the boot, and it took time. Also, it felt a little bit tight. Moreover, Salomon Comet comes with a gusseted tongue that further reduces the pressure on my feet while I hike or climb on sharp rocks.

Salomon Comets are great for fitting. I appreciate its Gilly lacing system for custom fitting, which is quick and easy. Moreover, I never notice the laces get loosened, which is a great design.  

Although this boot fitted well on my feet, the solid and stable laces welcomed every foot’s shape while the thick and plush tongue of this boot kept off the debris which is a thoughtful design in lacing. Overall, I’m satisfied with the plush interior, soft fabric liner, and overall build.

5. Waterproofing and Breathability

A hiking boot without reasonable waterproofing is not a wise option. This is because it impacts outsole traction and grip and prevents slipping on rocks

As mentioned above, this is a well-ventilated and waterproof boot, so I never get my feet wet while wearing it on trails, etc. the Gore-Tex mesh liner on the boot upper is high-quality, and it did a great job keeping my feet nice, and dry. I went to lakes, valleys, puddles, watery pathways, and other such terrains that were moist and wet.

6. Ankle Support and Stability

SALOMON IS MY ULTIMATE SELECTION whenever I have to choose a hiking boot for added comfort. For ankle support, This Salomon hiking boot can be trusted. I wore this for hiking and backpacking, and the stiff yet comfortable insoles with resilience ensured flexibility while the ankle support provided great protection against impact or injury.

wearing Salomon Comet boot on rough paths
A flexible boot for better arch support plus ankle support

Moreover, the reduced friction due to the insoles and cushioning provided enough support throughout my hiking time. No matter where it is hiked, be it scree or cliff, the support of this boot has been an absolute companion. Its rubber toe cap is great for protection.

7. Longevity and Durability in Performance

For durability, this boot would not let you down. This is because I have noticed its high-quality material choice with neat and robust seams that are nowhere near poor quality. Its contour heel to help hold the weight and balance is another form of durability. Its supreme flexibility prevents the boot from wear and tear and adds solace to the feet. For me, it became the best thing that a hiking boot can ever offer.


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