Salomon Quest 4d 2 GTX Hiking Boots Review

I have many Salmon boots for hiking and other outdoor activities, but Salomon Quest 4d GTX has been the best footwear, especially for its cozy interior and roomy toe box. The wraparound feeling with sure fitting becomes the ultimate factor when you slide in your feet.

Therefore I’ve been wearing this boot for many hiking trips and other outdoor activities. So keeping my experience and wearing approach for this boot, today’s review will be critical.

My Verdict

Salomon Quest 4D 2 GTX hiking boot has an impressive design that complements hiking trails and outdoor activities. Apart from design and appearance, I liked its thickset outsole for robust traction while being lighter in weight. Therefore wearing it didn’t put pressure on the toes or joints.

Due to the Gore-Tex membranes waterproofing and airflow become possible. Overall, I found this boot an excellent design for hikers due to the utmost durability and of course, the gripping rugged outsole.

This hiking boot fills the bill for those who want lightweight footwear! Due to its bulky and huge design, I don’t prefer to wear this boot on a few miles of walking plus, its rugged outsole and the warmer interior are best for hiking on cold days. So for me, Salmon Quest is great for more extended hiking with plenty of challenging terrains.

Asolo Neutron Gore Tex Hiking Boot

My Rating: 4.2/5

Pros and Cons of Salomon Quest 4d 2

  • Comfortable and lightweight
  • Gore-Tex is waterproof and offers thorough airflow
  • Durable design and high-quality build
  • Superior gripping outsole with rugged pattern
  • Can be too warm
  • Its design may look dull

Features I Tested

4d quest 2 hiking boot features
Main Features

Without any further ado, let’s dive into the review section:

1. Weight

I’m the kind of person who prefers lightweight hiking boots because of my sensitive feet. However, when I first saw this boot, it looked beefy and bulky. But when I wore it became my instant favorite hiking footwear for its lightweight and flexible interior.

Salomon Quest 2 only weighs about 1.4 pounds which is great for maintaining a balance between stability and proper walking. Its weight has been kept reasonable, plus it compromises safety and durability while being lightweight.

2. Design and Build

Salomon Quest d4 1 GTX boot looks bulky, but its material choice and the best comfort are valuable. For me, its interior is too stiff, so I quickly hiked and continued to wear it without taking off the boots even once.

Its uppers feature high-quality and suede Nubuck leather, which I found softer to feel, and it didn’t cause chafing on my skin.  Also, the upper’s durability against wear and tear has been reliable, although I used the boot carefully. 

If you know how to clean hiking boots, they usually last longer than you expect. Unlike traditional boots, this one comes with a softer and bright gusseted tongue which has been designed to link to the uppers so it keeps off the debris and dirt from penetrating into the boot. I found this design best in a hiking boot.

For color, you can find this boot in two different variations such as Detroit/Black/Navajo and Iguana Green/Asphalt/Dark Titanium.

3. Toe Cap and Protection

Regarding protection, this Salmon Quest comes with a decent toe and heel cap that has provided me with safety, and there was no injury even when I energetically briskly walked or hiked on bumpy terrain. 

The unexpected injuries cut back to the minor level thanks to this boot’s roomy and solid rubber toe.  This boot has a wider toe box which I prefer due to plenty of room, but that’s just a personal preference as the toe box also helps to lock the feet in place.

For ankle support, this Salomon Quest is great. The reason is ankle support is soft but stable enough to wrap feet comfortably. I did not notice chafing due to too tight or too loose ankle support. It was just right.

4. Outsole and Traction

The outsole of the boot is fantastic. Its nice and gripping traction offered the best foot placement over challenging cliffs and rocks. I hiked on abrasive and bumpy terrain without concern, plus the Counter Grip rubber outsole is shock-absorbing. So there was no question of getting feet hurt in any way. The bouncy and flexible feel has been a significant factor in preventing impact and injury.

puncture resistant outsole of quest 4d 2 gtx

5. Breathability and Ventilation

Gore-Tex waterproof membrane has provided the best combination of both airflow and keeping feet wet. As I expected, this hiking boot by Salomon has been a trustworthy option not to make my feet wet, thanks to the mesh uppers, I also noticed how this boot dried quicker once it got fully wet.

The build-up of sweat and moist feet was not a significant issue when I wore this Salmon Quest on trails and hikes. That makes it even more reliable for outdoor hiking with puddle pathways and more. Overall this Salmon Quest is a valuable option for keeping feet dry and ventilated.

6. Comfort and Fitting

The interior and comfort felt as they should be; comfy and plush. That is the reason why I wore this boot all day long with zero strain on vulnerable joints or toes. The outsole is a thickset. Therefore, it also adds to a sporty style plus comfortable walking.

As far as fitting is concerned, it certainly depends on one’s feet shape or the medical condition, if any! Its well-fitted interior is comfortable out of the box and accurate to size parameters.

However, I did break-in the boot for precise fitting according to my feet ‘shape. The best thing is the break-in time was minimal. The flexibility is best with long enough laces.

For comfort and fitting, its OrthoLite sockliner has played a significant role to keep the strain factor at its least. Therefore, hiking becomes more like a fun activity. With no shocks and impact, I wore this boot with a snug feel. In short, for me, this boot has performed.

7. Midsole/ Insole

With its EVA midsole, the lightweight design with a springy feel became practical. Therefore, I didn’t need to rely on any other boot for added comfort and quality. Also, it has Salomon’s “4D Advanced Chassis, which added to protection and stability while I walked or hiked on longer hikes. For the interior, I have to say that it felt good when I slid on my feet.


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