Salomon Quest 4d GTX Hiking Boots Review

I bought this Salomon Quest 4d GTX hiking boot for backpacking, trailing, and other outdoor activities, mainly due to its robust grip. Its performance and durability have not let me down in many considerations.  Salomon Quest 4d is way more durable compared to other Salomon Quest models. So, in today’s article, I will review this footwear based on my hiking experience.

My Verdict

This Salomon Quest 4d GTX hiking boot is expensive, but plenty of features justify that. This boot has been an ultimate hiking option because of its removable OrthoLite footbed.

I also liked its softer under-feet feel, so I didn’t have any problem wearing this boot, and its traction for ascending and dangerous hiking is pretty much efficient.

If you want a lightweight option, I wanted a lightweight hiking boot, and Salomon Quest has delivered quality performance while being fairly lighter in weight. Hence, there is no apparent reason to overlook this boot unless you are looking for a hiking boot under $200!

Asolo Neutron Gore Tex Hiking Boot

My Rating: 4.6/5

Avg. Customer Rating: 4.6/5

Pros and Cons of Salomon Quest 4d GTX Hiking Boot

  • Suave Nubuk leather feels softer
  • Mud guard and protective heel cap
  • Shock-absorbing OrthoLite footbed
  • Gore-Tex waterproof and breathability
  • Lightweight but supreme traction
  • High ankle design for added support and stability
  • Expensive
  • Not true to size; run larger

Video Review of This Boot

Features I Tested

Below I’m reviewing this Salomon Quest 4d GTX Hiking. Let’s check out the features one by one:

1. Outsole and Traction

When I choose a Salomon hiking boot, there is no way I can compromise on the traction and grip for apparent reasons. And this Salomon hiking Quest has a robust, rugged outsole that locks traction no matter where I hike or place my feet.

I never had a problem wearing this boot, thanks to its non-marking Contagrip soles that are smart for traction without leaving a mess behind. Its unique reverse chevron pattern efficiently provides adequate traction on wet and abrasion terrain.

2. Comfort and Interior

When I slid my feet into Salomon Quest 4d, it felt soft and comfortable. The interior of this boot features plenty of cushioning, so hiking day long didn’t feel awkward. 

Aside from the significant padding, its removable OrthoLite Sock Liners and the SensiFit technology are excellent for cutting back seams. Therefore, I didn’t feel any pressure anywhere on my feet. I noticed that this boot fits well on medium-volume feet more ideally.

salomon boots technologies
Infograph showing different technologies used in the Salomon Quest series to bring comfort to your feet during hiking.

Not to mention how its imported fabric liners deliver quality without making things too tacky. I went on hiking on various trips, and the best comfortable insoles, padding, liner tongue, and plushness remain a home factor. On the rough and bumpy terrain of Mexico, the flexibility and softness of Salomon Quest maintained the performance!

3. Fitting and Size

This boot run was a bit large, although I picked it up according to my size. However, the padding and the easy lacing system allowed me to customize the fitting and the best size that is ideal for hiking. Overall, this boot felt comfortable out of the box and never felt stiff under the feet.

4. Stability and Ankle Support

This boot has been made with a keen approach to stability and performance. This boot has a protective rubber toe cap, providing the best support and safety while I hiked on bumpy terrain. 

Therefore, the grip became even more satisfactory and protected me from impact. Its toe cap is beefy and performed dually against toe jams, pebbles, and other dangers that can hurt feet.

Talking about ankle support, this is a high-ankle boot which means it has plenty of ankle support to save from abrasion, etc. The wraparound feels further added to be perfect in fitting. Overall, it’s stability and solid ankle support gave the ideal aid while I put pressure on my feet.

Its shock-absorbing heel and toe is something that I especially want to mention. Or hiking, railing, and other outdoor activities, this boot is reliable. If I say it’s best from a therapeutic point of view, it would be an exaggeration!

5. Weight

For weight and stability, this Salomon Quest 4d hiking boot comes with 1.4 Pounds. For a high-ankle cut boot, this weight is justified. Although this boot looks beefy and bulky for its features and high-quality protection, the weight doesn’t feel too heavy! Its features, performance, and build are worth investing in, and I didn’t regret buying these boots.

The best high is its Nubuck leather uppers, protective mudguard, toe cap design heel with foam, and other factors that did not add to the weight. This was the best thing that not many footwear offer. The stability and balance remained well-distributed, so I placed my feet in with a grip.

6. Breathability and Waterproofing

I hike pretty much in a reckless manner. Therefore, I place my feet in a weary puddle and stream without caring for “dry terrain.” So I always prefer the best waterproof and breathable hiking boots. Thankfully, this hiking boot has a Gore-Tex waterproof membrane which is best for keeping water off the feet and maintaining a decent amount of airflow.

Its high-top cuff and full waterproof protection are something that will never disappoint you when your concern is dry feet and cozy. The best part is that it doesn’t impact thorough airflow. Salomon Quest is best for all seasons, so I hike without any breathability issues.

7. Price

The price of hiking boots is usually higher due to much-added support and features. So for the price, Salomon Quest is a little bit pricey. I bought it for $225. But if you compare the price with this value, you won’t regret it.

Also, the price won’t be a big deal if you see its manufacturing, neat seams, imported material choice, and performance. However, you can undoubtedly pick this boot at fewer prices if you keep an eye on the sales and deals that Salomon may come up with. But for me, I found this boot an expensive option.

8. Durability

For me, durability in footwear matters because I hike a lot. Although I usually have to replace the boot more often due to wear and tear of the boot, Salomon Quest has surprised me for sure.  Keeping its solid design in mind, I have the privilege of hiking and allowing other energetic activities without concern.

I have a lot to say about its durability. For instance, its Dynamic Cushioning, 4d stability, and the best traction on all-mountain tell its best manufacturing approach. Therefore, I never noticed the signs of wear and tear, even when I hiked 500+ miles.


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