Salomon Outline Mid GTX Hiking Boots Review

There are so many reasons why I selected Salomon Outline Mid GTX hiking boots. Apart from durability and absolute traction, this boot has gained a massive appreciation for its supreme lightweight design. 

Indeed, for hikers, the weight of the footwear matters. I purchased this boot for hiking, and there is much to say about its performance. Its comfy design, quality material choice, and intelligent design are a few highlights! You may have already seen many pro hikers wearing this boot. In either case, today’s review would be helpful for you.

My Verdict

I have total affirmation for this Salomon Outline hiking boot and relied on its performance. I bought this boot keeping its soft upper and design in mind, so it didn’t disappoint me for hiking. 

However, if you prefer a solid and well-supported hiking boot, you may need to look at the other best Salomon hiking boots. But for me, it was comfy footwear, especially for its insoles and lightweight build. Overall, this boot will suit you more if you hike casually.

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My Rating: 4.8/5

Avg. Customer Rating: 4.4/5

Pros and Cons

  • Tough and rugged rubber outsole
  • Very lightweight design
  • Feels soft and flexible while wearing
  • Gore-Tex water-resistance and ventilation
  • Softer toe box
  • Lesser protection

Features I Tested

I’m explaining my experience and the features I tested about this Salomon Outline hiking boot!

1. Weight

I was looking for a fairly lightweight hiking boot due to my sensitive feet and found this Salomon outline the perfect fit. It only weighs 14.64 Ounces, which is reasonable for maintaining balance while being lightweight. I easily hiked and walked on abrasive terrain, feeling reasonably lighter on my feet.

The best thing about this boot is its lightweight build has nothing to do with the thick outsole and well-padded cushioning. Overall, this hiking boot is the best choice for those looking for supportive footwear for day-long wear!

2. Price and Affordability

The price factor of Solomon Outline Mid GTX hiking boots has been kept more than reasonable. When I wore this boot, I found everything about its quality just right. The imported material choice, best and most comforting insoles, flexibility in its performance, and the high-quality manufacturing approach never made this boot more than $150.00! Also, it’s durable for hiking, backpacking, and more.

3. Comfort and Interior

The comfort level and the boot’s interior felt amazing on my feet. Therefore, I would give Salmon Outline mid-GTX the thumbs-up; it is second on my favorite Salomon hikers. The softer fabric choice and the plushest interior never get too squishy while I wear this boot non-stop all day.  

The toe box is very soft, and the softness of the fabric cuts back the abrasion and rubbing effect whenever I slide my feet inside this boot. The softness of its tongue is something that I found a unique design, as most of the boots have rather stiff/rigid tongues.

Moreover, the Ortholite insoles kept bacterial build-up, whereas the padding and cushioning provided enough coziness and warmth during cold days. So I didn’t feel any impact or abrasion at all. Overall, its upper fitting and supportive ankle-cut design ensured my feet were in solace.

4. Outsole and Traction/Grip

This boot has a rubber outsole, and as you know, it’s great for traction, this Salomon hiking boot also justified that. The traction factor of his boot has won my affirmation, and I hiked and placed feet without any concern of lousy grip. Its firm outsole and thickness have been the ultimate factor why I quickly hiked and walked on multiple terrains.

What adds more to the grip and traction of this hiking boot is the efficient design of the Contagrip outsole with deep 5mm lugs with generous spacing, which is pretty bright for slippery paths.

I also appreciate its rugged outsole that worked fine on muddy and rocky pathways, plus the firm grip provided stability no matter where I stood or hiked.

5. Waterproofing and Ventilation

Salmon Outline mid-GTX is a Gore-Tex hiking boot, so that you can infer its quality waterproofing. I wore this boot in puddle water and while crossing water streams, and it was pretty good for keeping my feet dry. However, it’s a mid-Gore-Tex hiking boot, so sanding in deep water for too long can make feet wet! However, the uppers dry quickly and thoroughly.

But overall, this boot has the best ventilation and airflow I relied on. The mesh liner upper is efficient in drying the water, and the interior is ventilated to ensure no sweat or bacterial build-up. Due to this reason, I hiked without taking off the boots now and then.

6. Ankle Support and Stability

To be honest, I didn’t find this boot a very supportive one in comparison with the other best Salomon hiking boots. Its softer and flexible (rubbery) toe box and design are the reason. But when you talk about ankle support, it’s supportive enough to maintain stability. Its smart and neat flat laces add to the best grip when discussing fitting and size. 

Therefore, hiking has become more like a manageable activity for casual hikers. But if you are looking for a professional option, you may want to switch to another boot. The ankle of this Salmon Outline does have some padding, and the reinforced heel which manages to give you a wraparound feeling and hearing aid.

7. Fitting and Size

For fitting, Salomon Outline is the best boot, however, for narrow feet. The reason is supportive and wrapping fitting, which made my hiking experience more secure and ideal for grip. Overall this boot has provided me with supportive fitting, and its comfortable, out-of-the-box design is palpable.

If you are a customer of Salomon, you know that their footwear usually runs narrow on feet. However, it’s not too narrow, which can strain the joints. In short, this boot fits well for lean feet; if you have wider feet, you need to opt for 1 size bigger.

8. Durability and Build

I have hiked nonstop for several hours, so I can say that this Salmon Outline is among reliable hiking boots. Its seam and high-quality seams, joining of upper and other parameters contribute to its durability and longevity. 

Talking about longevity, I hiked 16+ miles wearing this boot, and there were no wear and tear signs at all! And the build of the boot has been kept pretty much subtle, neat, and efficient, thanks to the breathable mesh. Its imported material and the performance have been best for me.

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